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Natural remedy for yellow nails

You want to take care of your nails? This natural remedy for yellow nails. Do you have a problem with yellow nails? Many people who have this problem and they do not know how to handle it. Basically yellow nail problems are influenced by various factors. If you have the habit of smoking, then it is likely that the main cause.

Meanwhile, if you are pleased to change the color of nail polish then it could be the cause as well. Even lifestyle such as lack of rest and poor diet can also cause the same problem. But, let’s now forget all that cause. Here is some natural remedy for yellow nails.

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Tips To Whiten Yellow Nails

There are various objects that can solve the problem of your nails yellow. Previously you may not realize, but believe me, the ingredients below are very easy for you to get. Consider some of these tips:

1. Lemon juice. Maybe you do not think that lemon juice is one of the juices that can make your nails white again. Here are some ways you have to do:

  • Cut the lemon part and take the water. Place in a small bowl that can carry all of your nails.
  • If you are difficult to get a lemon then you can use some artificial lemon juice. All the lemon juice with preservatives, added sugar and other ingredients can be used.
  • Soak your nails in a bowl of lemon juice. You can do this every night before bed.
  • To restore the natural moisture of skin around the nail, then wear your regular moisturizer use.

2. Toothpaste. Toothpaste to be one thing you can get in the shower. Material contained in toothpaste can whiten teeth and bones once your nails. so the way life is:

  • Use toothpaste before bed to the nail. You can apply with your fingers or cotton bud. Hold the toothpaste on your nails up to 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes behind toothpaste on your nails then wipe with a soft cloth.
  • Clean all parts of the affected nails with using warm water toothpaste. You will feel cool and warm sensation on nails.
  • You can repeat this process for one week or one month. Use a skin moisturizer to restore skin moisture.

3. Teeth whitening tablets. Artificial teeth whitening tablets can be found in pharmacies. It is a common type of drug and do not require a doctor’s prescription. How to wear false teeth whitening tablet is very easy. You only need to dissolve a few tablets according to the instructions on the packaging. After that, soak your nails in this bleach solution. You can get white nails after a long repetition.

There are many other materials that you can use to whiten nails. Some of the ingredients are include hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, salt and some pencils to whiten nails. Basically natural remedy for yellow nails cannot provide instant results so you have to repeat it several times. But if after a few times you do not get white nails naturally, you should immediately go to the doctor to get check.

How to take care of your nails and cuticles

How to Take Care of Your Nails and Cuticles

How to take care of your nails and cuticles? Nails have become very powerful weapon women. Beauty nails become one of the priorities because it would make the finger nails become more beautiful and feminine. Nails will support the whole appearance. But before you do all that, it is very important for everyone to maintain a healthy nail.

Unhealthy nails marked with a rough surface and burst. Some people may also experience discoloration of the nail so it is not worth a look. Below are several kinds of nail care and cuticle naturally and you can do yourself from home.

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1. Do Not Cut or Peeling Cuticles

Cuticle or nail biting habit is often done unconsciously. The cuticle is released can cause infection. Infections were not treated immediately can cause further damage to the nail and sometimes unpleasant smells. Even infection of the cuticle can also make nail growth becomes stunted. The cuticle is the layer that serves to protect the nails and keep nail growth. Cutting cuticles will only make the infection or abnormal growth of nails. If you want to take care of the cuticle then push the cuticle and enter using special sticks to the cuticle.

2. Give a Moisturizer to Your Nails and Cuticles

Women used to treat the face by using a moisturizer. To care for cuticles and nails so this is actually part also needs moisturizing. Given natural moisturizer will form a strong and gentle cuticle? This treatment can prevent the cuticle which makes the cuticle peeled off or detached from the network. Meanwhile moisturizer on the nails can make nails become moister and not easily broken.

3. Use Gloves to Protect Your Nails

When we wash the dishes then protect the nail with a special glove. Chemicals such as acetone which contains a lot of detergent can cause brittle nails and the cuticles were separated. Basically nail and cuticle contains natural oils that can survive and continue to be produced naturally. Some of the chemicals that come into contact with the nail will damage the system natural oils in the nails and cuticles.

4. Remove Nail Biter

Nails can be done with easy steps that do not require expensive treatments. You can use natural ingredients easily available at home such as lemon juice, olive oil or baking soda. To maintain the shape of the natural nail and cuticle then remove the nail biting habit.

5. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil into one of the types of oil that is very good for nails. You can use a variety of ways to take care of moisture and growth. To maintain the moisture of olive oil can be mixed with honey. After that use a mixture of olive oil and honey with cotton and stick it on the skin. Sustain the growth of the nails can also be done by soaking the nails in warm water that had been given olive oil.

How to take care of your nails and cuticles? If you frequently change the nail polish do care and avoid all nail cleaners that contain acetone. The use of nail polish too often will damage the natural nail moisture and oil damage to the cuticle. If you find the nail and cuticle layer that is damaged due nail polish then stops all usage types of nail polish. Leave the rest up to the surface of the nail back to nature. After that you can use a variety of ways natural treatments as above. Home remedies that can be used to treat nail is baking soda and lemon.

Best oil for clean up your nails and cuticles

Best Oil For Clean Up Your Nails and Cuticles

How to clean up nails and cuticles using oil? Every woman always wants to have beautiful nails. Beautiful and healthy nails will be very important for the appearance. But to get beautiful nails then it cannot be done instantly and quickly. Nails should be treated with extreme caution so as not to become dirty or damaged. Another portion of the nail is the cuticle that must be considered.

The cuticle is a thin layer of skin that protects the nails from infection germs or bacteria. Sometimes the cuticle easily separated only because the small scratches that make the nails become uncomfortable. Here are some simple treatments that can be done at home. These are some of the best oil for clean up your nails and cuticles.

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Olive Oil For Nail care

If you already have a less bright color nails and cuticles are easier to peel then use olive oil to treat all of these problems. Olive oil has the function to restore skin moisture nails and cuticles naturally.

To moisten and clean the nails then you can use olive oil. This simple way you can do. Apply a drop of olive oil on cotton and use a cotton swab to clean the nails. Give a thin layer of olive oil on the nail cuticle so that moisture will naturally recover. To clean dirt that has accumulated on the nail then you can do these way three or two times a week.

If you have a cuticle layer that is easily torn nails and make uncomfortable, then do a treatment with olive oil. Mix a few drops of olive oil with one or two tablespoons of honey. Give a mixture of olive oil and honey on the nails and cuticles and allow up to 15 minutes. Once completed then rinse with warm water and clean nails down to the cuticle. Dry with a soft towel and give a special massage at the cuticle. To perform maintenance to get the most, then you simply do this treatment twice a week.

Do you have dirty nails and nail polish because it does not look comfortable. Forget treatments in salons and use olive oil as the best oil to nails and cuticles. Mix the olive oil in tomato juice until well blended. After that you can soak up the entire cuticle nail into the solution tomatoes and olive oil. Perform this step for about 15 minutes. Dry with a soft towel and put moisturizer on nails and cuticles.

Camellia Flower Oil For Nail care

In addition to wearing the olive oil, then oil camellia flowers can also be used to restore the cleanliness and moisture cuticles. You can wear camellia flower oil which has been specially packaged. Give camellia flower oil on cotton and apply on the nails to the skin. Wearing a wide variety of natural oils for treating nail polish is become dirty due to natural and healthy solutions.

Olive oil and camellia flower oil is a kind of natural oils that contain lots of vitamins for nails and cuticles. Maintaining the health of nails that are too often exposed nail polish is hard to do. But if you do care before the nail becomes very dirty, then this is very good step to maintain healthy nails.

How to clean up nail polish on skin

How to Clean Up Nail Polish on the Skin?

Nail polish became one of the very identical to the women. Beautiful nails are painted with a variety of colors will produce beautiful nails. In addition, nails decorated with various colors will create confidence. Short nails can be formed with nail polish accent gives shape longer. But all use nail polish open into a fun process. Or nail polish spilled on the skin that does not need to be a bad scene.

Even all the way to clean the nail polish stick to the skin becomes more difficult to do. You have to keep the nail polish that has been attached to a beautiful, while other parts become sloppy because the affected nail polish. Here are some easy ways to remove nail polish from skin.

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1. Spa With Warm Water

Basically nail polish is easily removed if you wear the right way. Do not peel off nail polish with a rude manner because the already sticky on the skin can be a painful thing. Perform a spa with warm water and let the nail polish that has been attached to remain as they are. Place the warm water in a bowl or pot and place it on the table. Place the skin of nail polish over the warm water. Let the warm water vapor from penetrating to the skin. This step is quite you do for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the nail that sticks to the skin. The nail polish will easily remove it because it is soft and not too attached to the skin. Clean up with towel and do it slowly so as not to damage other parts of the nail polish.

2. Lemon Water

Lemon becomes one of the fruits that are beneficial to the nails. Lemon is not only clean the nails, but also nail polish on skin. If you have any problems with the skin exposed to splashes of nail polish then you can remove it with lemon. The first step is the lemon slices according to the size you want. If you want to wear to the surface of the skin that is not too large then the small pieces will suffice. After that, rub lemon to the affected skin surface of the nail polish. Rub gently and let the peeling nail polish itself.

3. Water And Vinegar

If you do not want to remove nail polish from skin with lemon or warm water then just use vinegar. The trick is drops of vinegar on cotton. Use a cotton swab to rub the skin of the nail polish. To eliminate completely clean up may take a little longer. A side effect of this method is that the skin will smell of vinegar. To remove the smell of vinegar, you can use a skin moisturizer or lemon juice.

Basically removing nail polish from the skin can be done in a simple way. But this step does require a special time long enough so not suitable for people who have little time. If you do not want to bother with the affected skin so protect your hands with gloves for waiters at the salon or use a finger barrier. Limiting the finger will make the fingers are not too close together so you can keep the skin other than hands or feet splatter nail polish? In addition, try to perform a natural way and forget acetone, because acetone has been known to bring harm to health.

How to clean up spilled nail polish on carpet

How To Clean Up Spilled Nail Polish On Carpet?

Do you regret having spilled nail polish on the carpet? Previously there was an article about How to clean up nail polish remover on carpet. Bright color carpet will be very visible with colored nail polish stains. That would be a nightmare for anyone.

In addition, you have damaged the carpet investment as the base to accent the decor in the room. But if it happens by accident, then do not blame yourself. You’ve got an important lesson and will be a very valuable experience.

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The first step to make the stain does not spread to other parts of the carpet or deeper layers, the nail polish stain absorbency using a clean cloth. You can also use a sponge or any fabric that absorbs liquid. Check out all the affected nail polish carpet and carpet does not rub the affected nail polish.

Usually some people panic and begin to rub the affected parts of the carpet so as not to spread the nail polish, but this step will make the nail polish spreads evenly and leave stains. The following are some guidelines on how to clean up spilled nail polish on carpet.

1. Use of Alcohol and Hairspray

Hairspray is not only useful for your hair. The first step is to clean all the carpet stain affected nail polish with cold water. Do it carefully and then use hairspray to spray the affected carpet nail polish. Add alcohol with caution. You just put a bit of alcohol so as not to damage the carpet. Brush the exposed nail polish carpet with caution. If the nail polish colors begin to fade, give cool water and wipe with a cloth to polish actually been lost.

2. Use Nail Polish Remover

If you have nail polish remover then use this material to clean nail polish stains from carpet. You can use nail polish remover containing acetone or not. But you have to do a little testing on a hidden part of the carpet to see the effect of nail polish remover on the carpet. If it is safe then pour a little nail polish remover on a cloth and wipe the nail polish stain with a cloth. Spilled nail polish usually is easily lost with this move. After a firm favorite color nail polish, then wipe the stains with carpet shampoo that does not leave patches of color on the carpet.

3. Use a Special Carpet Cleaning

If you have tried all the way and do not give maximum results, then use the carpet cleaning fluid. You can pour a bit of carpet cleaners on the cloth and rub it into the stain. Perform this step carefully so that the stain does not spread to other carpet surface. Once clean, then use Shampoo carpet to remove stains up to the nearest multiple layers. Dry the carpet and avoid areas that are too wet so leave odors on carpets.

When accidentally carpet stains nail polish then we will be very sorry. Sometimes we just delete it and create new, more severe stains to the carpet. The problem is sometimes the new stain will look after the carpet dried. So the best way is not to remove carpet stains with a cloth because it will only create a new stain worse. Better absorption nail polish stain with a cloth or sponge. After that you can only choose a few ways to clean the carpet from stains.

How to whiten your nails with baking soda

This is the first article about nails. Previously, we also have to explain about How to clean your nails with baking soda. Do you often wear nail polish? How to whiten your nails with baking soda? Nail polish is one way to provide the decorations on the nails.

Plain nails will look ordinary, not beautiful and attractive. The use of nail polish can also be used to cover the nails yellow and looks unattractive. But when the nails begin to show abnormal symptoms, you may have to make another effort. Diligent to keep nail hygiene and remove fungus on nails.

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whiten nails with baking soda

Common complaints are nail conditions that are yellowish and dirty or unhealthy. The causes can range from physical health, smoking, non-intensive care and hygiene factors influenced by fungus. Many women go through a nail bleaching process at a clinic or beauty salon to whiten nails. But it is highly recommended to do it in a healthy, precise, and safe way.

Appropriate formulas applied to the nail surface will remove stains and yellow tinge on the nail. Today there are so many circulating products of nail bleach or nail varnish, but avoid those containing formaldehyde ingredients that will gradually affect the yellowish color on your nails.

Causes of yellow nails

Yellow nails can be caused by various reasons. If you often wear nail polish, then some chemicals will damage the nail. The result is a natural white nail color will be yellowish. Another impact is if the use of nail polish with a dark color that does not wear a protective base nails color. Other causes of yellow nails start is abnormal symptoms in the body. In spite of all these causes, then you can do some natural way. Here is some instructions use baking soda to whiten nails.

Whiten nails using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Mixture of baking soda and peroxide can be accurately and quickly moves to eliminate all interference color of the skin. Ways of making this mix quite easily.

  1. Mix130ml of hot water with 6ml of hydrogen peroxide. Mean while, prepare a bowl used to hold 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Make a mixture of these two ingredients until well blended.
  2. Once the dough is well blended then dip the nail in to the solution. You can do this step according to the taste or to stain the nail starts to dissolve and disappear.
  3. After fairly clean then wash hands with soap that contains moisturizers. If still in doubt with the remaining solution then brush nails with a tooth brush so that there are no ingredients that go into the tissue under the nail.
  4. To reduce the effect of hydrogen peroxide then you should provide moisture to the finger submerged into the solution. Note the condition of the nails from the color to the physical condition.

Whiten nails using baking soda and lemon

Lemon is natural remedy for yellow nails. Lemon has been used for a long time to perform nail care. Dirt under the nails can be removed with lemon. Here are some steps to make a solution of lemon and baking soda.

  1. Prepare baking soda in a special place. For stains that are not too severe can wear a dose between 1 to 2 tablespoons.
  2. Make the lemon juice with a little water.
  3. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and stir until well blended.
  4. This solution will form a paste that is very uncomfortable for the nail. Apply the paste with cotton wool and let it wear cotton attached to the nail.
  5. This step can be done up to 15 minutes in accordance with the conditions of the nail color.
  6. If you have finished then soak nails in warm water and dry thoroughly.
  7. To maintain healthy nails that had been exposed to baking soda, give a moisturizer on nails from drying.

Fixing yellowing nail color can indeed be done with simple and in expensive steps. You can use natural ingredients from the kitchen and do not need to use chemicals. But if you have done this way many times and did not get a natural white color, then you should immediately visit a doctor.

Some discoloration of the nail can cause by certain health conditions. Keeping the body clean should be done routinely. Especially for women who have to keep the body clean to keep looking beautiful. Whitening nails with baking soda is one of the most widely used ways.