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Varicose veins in pregnancy natural remedies

How natural remedies for varicose veins during pregnancy? Pregnancy is one of the common causes of varicose veins in the area of femininity and only occurs in women because only women can get pregnant. Varicose veins can occur in the feet (especially behind the knees).

How to cope with varicose veins during pregnancy? Varicose veins that occur in pregnancy because of the pregnancy hormone progesterone. Your baby’s growth puts pressure on the veins in the pelvis and the large vein. Veins have valves that stop the blood returning to the heart.

When this valve does not work properly, the vein become congested and cause the blood to increase. The walls of vein begin to stretch and swell, making it visible under your skin.

Although varicose veins during pregnancy will not interfere with fetal development you will but the conditions are getting worse from varicose veins may occur because of excess weight when you’re pregnant, fetal weight or pregnancy with twins.

Varicose veins are present in the area of femininity will hamper your labor, the severe conditions will lead to a Caesarean. The risk of varicose veins will be higher in pregnant at age 40 or older because the thickening of vein walls that impede the vein flow, making it easier for varicose veins appear.

Natural remedies of varicose veins during pregnancy

  1. Consumption of healthy foods
  2. Meet the needs of body fluids
  3. Exercise during pregnancy will reduce varicose veins
  4. Avoid high heels during pregnancy
  5. Avoid massaging at the top of your varicose veins

Healthy foods can help varicose veins during pregnancy. Consumption of certain foods during pregnancy may help to ease the discomfort of varicose veins that exist and can prevent varicose veins getting worse. Consuming fruit juice, especially blackberries, blueberries can help prevent varicose veins. This fruit contains a pigment which can strengthen the walls of veins.

To overcome your varicose veins can consume vitamin E. Consumption of vitamin E would lower the risk of more severe varicose veins, as well as garlic can inhibit the appearance of varicose veins. Avoid processed foods that can aggravate the situation.

Drinking too much tea, coffee and carbonated beverages can make more painful varicose veins and causes constipation for those of you who are pregnant. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. For those of you who need extra supplements should consult with your obstetrician or midwife.

Regular exercise will reduce fat accumulation, while maintaining good circulation and your veins. Try walking, swimming or light exercise. Avoid excessive aerobic exercise, such as cycling and jogging, increasing the pressure on the veins in your legs, and can make the problem worse.

One of the main causes of varicose veins in women is the use of high heels. During pregnancy you avoid wearing high heels because it will hinder the veins in the leg area. For those of you who want to use high heels on certain activities, your shoes no more than 5 cm. Also avoid sitting or squatting for a long time, and try not to sit with your legs crossed.

Do not massage directly on top of your varicose veins. Strong massage may be painful, and make your vein worse. You can use cold water to stretch the muscles without doing the massage or try to compress a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar to your feet, twice a day.

Just as previously described natural way of treating varicose veins using apple cider vinegar. For those of you who have varicose veins getting worse you should consult your doctor to get further treatment.

5 The fish is good for health of pregnant women

How to maintain the health of pregnant women? Of food, fish are good for consumption by pregnant women? Consume fish during pregnancy is recommended by many health experts. We must recognize that nutritious food and good for the health of the baby.

Healthy foods can help pregnant women to obtain a healthy baby. However, given that not all types of fish (especially sea fish) is good and safe to eat during pregnancy. In addition to the type of fish, avocado also has benefits for the health of pregnant women.

The fish is good for health of pregnant women

Are all the fish is good for health? So what makes some fish are not good for the health of pregnant women? All fish contain nutrients so that both consumed during pregnancy. However, the levels of mercury in some types of fish makes you need to be selective in choosing the type of fish.

What is the result if pregnant women consume excessive mercury? High levels of mercury in fish can make fetal growth experienced problems ranging from allergies, birth defects, neurological disorders, and problems with brain development.

This type of fish is good for health of pregnant women

  1. Catfish
  2. Salmon
  3. Sardine
  4. Anchovy

1. Among other freshwater fish, catfish become one of the best to take during pregnancy. Catfish contain good fats and protein, two nutrients that support the growth and maximum development in the fetus.

In addition, catfish meat is also rich in phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus is an essential mineral needed for bone formation of the fetus, whereas potassium can help the heart and veins to be more healthy.

It is advisable to not consume sea fish during pregnancy because of the content of mercury, a substance that can impair fetal growth. Then why salmon is recommended, salmon is a species of marine fish? The mercury content of each of the different marine fish. There are high and some are low.

2. Salmon is one example of marine fish with low mercury content. Salmon including low levels of mercury but has many benefits for pregnancy, so it is categorized into types of fish are good for pregnant women. Salmon contains Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. All three are substances that can optimize neurological growth and eyesight of the fetus.

3. Sardines including the types of fish that are good for pregnant women consumed. Fish is high in protein but very low in mercury. The thing to remember when going to consume, make sure you buy canned fish actually made from sardines, instead of mackerel.

Additionally, if you can try to select canned sardines are low in sodium, especially if you have hypertension during pregnancy. Out of the discussion of pregnant women, there are some healthy foods that are good for hypertension is good for you to know.

4. Despite its small size, anchovy apparently had outstanding feature compared to other fish species. This fish is very rich in calcium, which is essential to support the growth of fetal bones and teeth. In addition, it is also rich in protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, and other minerals. And most importantly, these fish are very low in mercury so it is safe to consume during pregnancy.

In addition to maintaining the health of pregnant women, there are many more issues that can occur such as nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. And you should know how to handle it. One thing to know is how to cope with abdominal pain right side in pregnant women.

Greasy hair during early pregnancy

Causes of greasy hair in early pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect the condition of your hair. Pregnancy hormones can cause the oil production in the scalp rampant. Secrete sebum hair to help keep it moist.

During pregnancy, increased sebum production, especially when compounded by the additional factor such as stress, too often wash your hair with shampoo that does not proper that stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil, and excessive eating fatty foods.

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There are times when this can make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore hair care still needs to be noted though is pregnant. But what kind of hair care can do while not pose a health risk to the fetus. In addition to greasy hair, there are many hair problems that can occur during pregnancy. Citing Boldsky, Monday (1/10), is a suitable way of care for greasy hair during pregnancy.

Way of care for greasy hair during pregnancy

– Care for greasy hair during pregnancy use hair oil, but be sure to use of natural materials such as walnut oil or coconut oil. It will also strengthen the hair roots and gives a feeling of relaxation when the oil is used for massaging the head.

– Forget hair dye, if you are a woman who likes to experiment with hair colors, at least forget for the next nine months. Because of their chemical ingredients can be harmful to the fetus.

– Head massage, body massage while not recommended during pregnancy, you can still indulge yourself with a massage head. This gives a sense of calm because anxiety often in pregnant women. It relieve stress and provide a calmer mind.

Choose hair care products are safe. Indeed, there is no research that proves that hair care products direct effect on fetal development. However, for the sake of security, Observe the chemicals in the shampoo of your choice. Consult an expert if you are unsure.

Instead, pregnant women avoid hair coloring, because of the harmful chemicals in hair dye, medicine curlers, hair straighteners and medicine. Feared, this substance is absorbed by the skin so harmful to the fetus. Avoid all beauty treatments that contain chemicals harmful if not necessary.

So this is hair care tips during pregnancy. One thing to keep in mind, in case of hair loss, you do not need to worry, because it’s still a side effect of hormonal activity. Loss will end by itself after you give birth. Hopefully these hair care tips can be a useful reference for those who during pregnancy often have greasy hair problem.

Cause of Vomiting During Pregnancy

Nausea and vomiting or called morning sickness. Some symptoms can be experienced during pregnancy, one of which is vomiting. Learn about some of the causes vomiting during pregnancy. Being pregnant for many women who want to be parent of course becomes the most precious moment of life.

Waiting for the baby to come in the family will be very interesting as well as challenging at the same time. Pregnancy can be very challenging because there are some changes with their body. For the growth of the baby, mother’s body will change in several aspects.

Cause of Vomiting, Vomiting During Pregnancy

Pregnant mother can experience certain suffering including vomiting during pregnancy especially in the early period of pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting becomes very common condition which should be faced by many pregnant mothers but the exact cause is not clear yet.

Some pregnant mother do not experience nausea and vomiting at all but other pregnant mothers can experience very bad nausea and vomiting which can be great suffering for their life. There are some popular theories about the causes of nausea and vomiting in pregnant mother.

Hormonal change becomes the greatest possibility of the cause of nausea and vomiting in pregnant mother. For supporting the growth of the baby, pregnant mother body will experience several hormonal changes including the elevation of human chorionic gonadotropin level which can play important role of vomiting cause.

Other hormones which are thought involved in vomiting condition of pregnant mother are serotonin. Although hormonal changes are said as the most common reason of vomiting in pregnant mother, we can make sure that there is another reason of vomiting which should be experienced by pregnant mother.

Gastrointestinal condition which is condition of peptic ulcer disease caused by certain bacteria in the intestinal tract can cause vomiting during pregnancy since the bacteria have greater amount among pregnant women. Another reason which is quite controversial and possible is psychosocial aspect. It can be caused by family and home environment conflict which can give vomiting reaction for pregnant women.

How to prevent and reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

  • Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can be reduced by the consumption of vitamin B6. Your obstetrician will usually suggest how much vitamin B6 should be taken when excessive nausea and vomiting.
  • Consumption of dry foods, such as crackers, pudding, toast without butter, and dry side dishes, such as fried chicken, jerked meat, and fish fry.
  • Decreased blood pressure in pregnant women suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum lead to dizziness when waking up. To reduce dizziness when getting out of bed should not be directly stand. Leaning to the left or to the right for a moment, then sat up slowly. Once you feel comfortable and not dizzy then you can stand.

Nausea and vomiting or morning sickness in pregnancy is reasonable. But if it is accompanied by severe vomiting or until limp called hyperemesis gravidarum, causing dehydration, should be addressed immediately because it is harmful to the health of the mother and fetus.

The tricks that can be done to prevent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is always brought medicines given by doctors, sweet gum or candy ginger, eucalyptus oil, bringing biscuits and avoiding pungent smell like the smell of food, garbage or pungent odor that can trigger nausea and vomiting as well as bring a mask if necessary.

Home remedies to stop vomiting during pregnancy

Home Remedies to Stop Vomiting During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women of course will welcome the baby in their womb happily because it is kind of very natural instinct of motherhood which is owned by women. Of course they will not be patient to wait for months until the baby comes.

However, before people can enjoy the happiness with newborn baby, we can make sure that they have to face several health conditions which is challenging for pregnant mother.

stop vomiting during pregnancy, Home remedies to stop vomiting, cause of vomiting and nausea

Pregnant women have some complaints about their pregnancy including nausea and vomiting. Many women all around the world share the same experience when they are pregnant after all.

Nausea and vomiting is quite normal condition for many pregnant women but still it will give great suffering for every mother and woman in the world. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can be caused by various reasons including hormonal change as well as bacteria or virus infection.

Although nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can be really suffering, pregnant women have to deal with this condition because they cannot take antibiotic or other types medication freely. Pregnant women of course do not want to endanger their baby so instead of manufactured medication, they can try to use home remedies for reducing the nausea and vomiting problem.

Pregnant women can make their personal dairy which keeps the record about the symptoms of nausea and vomiting so they can see the pattern of nausea and vomiting condition. Stress can cause vomiting and nausea so pregnant women have to manage their emotion properly by getting more love as well as understanding.

Pregnant women also have to pay great attention about their food intake. They should eat at least every 2-3 hours for eating food in small amount which includes complex carbohydrate, vegetables, as well as fruits. They have to keep the body dehydrated as well. Instead of food with rich flavor, plain food can help the pregnant women who suffer of nausea and vomiting.

Cause of headaches at night during early pregnancy

Headache is a problem that can occur at any time, including at night during pregnancy. Being pregnant is not as simple as women think. It is because there are many health problems which may become the challenge for any pregnant women. Let’s take example from night headache during pregnancy. This night headache often makes any pregnant women suffering from frustration indeed.

So, what are the causes of this problem? The major cause is indeed the hormonal changes of the pregnant women. Some also suffer night headache because they gain pregnancy fatigue which also lead into tension and also increased hunger when women suffer from pregnancy. There are many other causes including the emotional stress, physical stress, and also overheating.

Headaches at night, Headaches during early pregnancy, cause daily headaches

For any women who often suffered from headache before their pregnancy have also the bigger risk in suffering from the same problem during their pregnancy especially within the night. So, what people can do about it? It is true that pregnant women cannot take medications to deal with their headache. It can affect to their pregnancy.

The solution? you can consult to practitioner first in order to gain proper direction in how to take the medication safely. Besides such medication, you can also take benefits from any different efforts which I want to review below.

Resting is the most common effort. You need to remove any fatigue of your body during pregnancy. Getting enough rest is a must indeed. Don’t do oversleep as well. Too much sleeping may lead into worse headache. Lying few minutes within the dark room can work as well.

The purpose is to provide calmness to your mind. People also can conduct meditation, yoga, and also breathing exercises. The main key is to do anything which can help you to relax. Eating healthy food may become a must as well. You need to avoid fatty food during pregnancy too. Read also cause of headaches at night before bed.

Abdominal pain when urinating during pregnancy

What is the cause of abdominal pain when urinating during pregnancy. Being pregnant may become any married women’s need. Well, if it is about the pregnancy, you may always consider that there will be always problems related to such condition. For example is the pain within the abdominal when pregnant women urinate. This becomes so much common as the problem during pregnancy actually. It indeed may cause discomfort for pregnant women.

Although it seems harmless, you can notice that this may indicate serious problem as well. Any persistent pain should not be ignored actually. It also is recommended that you need to gain help from expert to do the diagnosis. The purpose is to make sure that you never suffer from wrong diagnosis actually.

Abdominal pain when urinating, Abdominal pain during pregnancy, cause abdominal pain, cause pelvic pain, burning when urinating, pain when urinating and blood

Usually, women may suffer from cramping, bleeding, chills, and many others when they suffer from abdominal pain. Some women also suffer from vomiting and also nausea actually. If it becomes worse, you need to call your practitioner. Any pregnant women should learn about the causes of such abdominal pain. First common cause is the ectopic pregnancy. It means that there are fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. This may cause terrible cramps within the abdominal actually. Don’t ever ignore this because it can get worse as the time goes by.

Next cause is the miscarriage. It is the loss of pregnancy for 1st 20 weeks. This problem may cause abdominal pain of any pregnant women as well. This also requires the help from practitioner actually. Next is the preterm labor. This is also called as preterm labor. What you need to do is to call for midwife or doctor.

There are many other causes which you need to learn such as discharge increase, bleeding, abdominal pain, an increase pressure in the pelvic area, and also low back pain. Just consult the expert if the problem keeps occurring. Read also cause abdominal pain when urinating.

Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy First Trimester

What is the cause of abdominal pain during pregnancy first trimester? Sometimes, we are just feeling too worry when we are in the condition of pregnant. Sure, the expectant women often get too worried on something that they feel that is because they do not want something bad happens to the baby during the pregnancy.

That is why the expectant women commonly feel worried on something different which happens to their body, such like the problems of the pain. That often makes most women feel worried. Actually the problems of the pain during pregnancy is something normal as long as we know the limitation of the problems.

Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy, cause of abdominal pain, Abdominal Pain during First Trimester

The abdominal pain happens during pregnancy is something normal happens in the first, second, and even third trimester. It is normal as long as we can deal with that and it is happens in the normal area of the abdominal. The normal one also would not be with the other problem as like the heavy bleeding.

When we are in the first trimester of the pregnancy we also needs to be much more careful and we need to be careful much. That is because the abdominal pain can also as the result of the serious problems. Sure, the abdominal pain during pregnancy first trimester can also be one of the indications of the serious problems as like the ectopic pregnancy and early miscarriages.

Those problems usually happen in the early pregnancy or in the first trimester. For the early miscarriage, the worse abdominal pain or cramps usually come with the heavy bleeding. The heavy one means you will need more than one pad in an hour. When it happens, you have to go straight to the nearest medical center immediately.

For the ectopic pregnancy, the pain of the abdominal feels completely worse and even you would not be able dealing with that by yourself. The pain will be started in one point of the abdominal area and it will spread really fast. When it happens, you need to go to the nearest medical center as soon as possible since the ectopic pregnancy is the serious and dangerous problem which needs the immediate medical treatment. Vomiting during pregnancy first trimester can also occur.

Left Side Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

What is the cause of left side abdominal pain during pregnancy? When we are getting pregnant, we need to be ready on dealing with the uncomfortable nine months of the pregnancy. Sure, the pregnant women are just feeling uncomfortable, such like the nausea on the first trimester or the early stage of pregnancy, the pain on the body such like on the back, leg, and many more.

The uncomfortable feeling of the women might commonly something normal but we need to be careful when there is something wrong happen. It often comes to mind of the expectant women, especially when they experience the abdominal pain. Even though actually it is something normal, many women with the first pregnancy will often get worried.

Left Side Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy, cause of Left Side Abdominal Pain

Actually, the abdominal pain is something normal as long as we can determine the type of the pain. We have to deal with that much and when we feel something abnormal of the abdominal pain that we feel, we can consult it to the doctor or midwife. That can be done by several ways, such like determining the location of the pain, the power of the pain, and also other problems which come with the pain.

When the abdominal pain happens in the left side area, we need to get the information whether it happens in severe or mild feel, and we need to determine whether the pain is stabbing or even achy. That will be the helpful information which will help us to determine whether the left side abdominal pain during pregnancy is something worse or not.

That is also something useful if we are going to a doctor to know whether that is something worse or even the normal experience. The doctor will help us to determine our own condition. We can get the best way on getting the right result. Still, because we are in the condition of pregnant, it is better for us to be still calm and relaxed. That is all that we need to make everything better.

There are several common causes of left side abdominal pain. Consult your physician to determine the cause of abdominal pain left side during pregnancy.

Cause of Upper Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

What are the signs that cause upper abdominal pain during pregnancy? Risks that can be caused by abdominal pain during pregnancy. Getting pain during our pregnancy is something common actually. Many women often get worried when they often experience the pain during their pregnancy. It often happens to the women with their first pregnancy.

Still, when we are in our first pregnancy, we should find so much information about anything regarding to pregnancy. That is including about the pain which might happen to the pregnant women. The pain can come to the whole parts of body, such as because of the joint or even muscle pain but it also can occurs in the abdomen.

Cause of Upper Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy, Upper Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy
Upper Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

Still, the abdominal pain is the natural thing that often happens to most of pregnant women. The abdominal pain often happens on the lower area of the stomach but still there are many women too who is experienced the abdominal pain in the upper part of the stomach.

Cause of upper abdominal pain during pregnancy

Actually, sometimes it is not a big deal and still in the normal condition as long as the doctor said okay, it will be okay then. However, we also need to be careful too because it also can be sign of a problem. Sure, the women, especially the pregnant women have to notice on the pain which they feel during their pregnancy.

There are also some bad possibility which might happen with the sign of the upper abdominal pain, such like the syndrome of hemmolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelet count. That also can drive into the sign of preeclampsia. When the pain is something really worse and we just could not deal with that, it means that we need to check it up to the paramedic.

Other digestive disorders that can cause upper right abdominal pain during pregnancy are gastritis. Gastritis caused by consuming food containing excessive spices, caffeinated foods or other stomach irritations causes the inflamed abdominal membrane to cause pain in the middle abdominal area and upper right abdomen.

Upper abdominal pain during pregnancy 8 months

Upper abdominal pain during pregnancy 8 months or old pregnancy can be due to the following factors. Usually the stomach that is sick at the top like a cold, heartburn, and make shortness of breath due to increased production of stomach acid. It’s all triggered by the rising progesterone hormone as well.

  • Drink plenty of water, pregnant women should increase the portion in consuming water to 1.5 liters per day.
  • Avoid acidic, spicy, and fried foods. Because these foods can trigger stomach acid.
  • Try to eat often. It does not take much, enough with small portions but routine every 2 hours. You can also try with a snack, but choose healthy snacks. For example fruit that tastes not sour, like apples or wheat bread. All these meals can serve to reduce the production of stomach acid.

Other common problems with the signs of the upper abdominal pain are premature labor, appendicitis, infection of the kidney, digestion problems, and many more. Those are the problems which also the pregnant women have the high risk to experience with the sign of upper abdominal pain during pregnancy.