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How to sing melodiously and make your voice melodious

How to train your voice melodious?. To be able to sing with a melodious, you must train and maintain your voice. As the development of the music world, then this article will discuss how to do so that we can melodious voice for singing.

Everyone will want to have a melodious voice, especially for those who have a hobby of singing. But how to get a melodious voice? Got a hobby singing but less melodious voice. Do not worry, because this time we will discuss that our voice can be melodious.

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How to sing melodiously

Everyone must have different sounds. Not a few people who want to have a sweet and loud voice especially those who aspire to become a singer. Then the question is how to make your voice melodious? So that you are not ashamed of friends when you hear you singing, then you must know how to sing melodiously.

There are some tips that you can practice every day to make your voice melodious. The more often you train it, the sooner you get a melodious voice. Having a melodious voice will make you more confident in singing. Keep your diet to keep your voice sweet, such as fried food and cold drinks.

How to make your voice melodious for singing

Cleaning mucus in the throat; When you wake up in the morning, you have to get rid of mucus in throat before brushing your teeth. Clean the mucus by inserting your two fingers into the throat, then the mucus and dirt that accumulate in the throat will come out. After that, drip water into the nose because this way is also quite effective to clean the mucus that still clog your nose.

Drink warm water before bed; How to make a melodious voice that you can do every day is to drink warm water before bed. However, never use water that is too hot because it can damage the throat.

Breathing training at home; Did you know that to practice breathing so you can take a long breath while singing not only can be done in vocal coach. You can train your breathing anytime and anywhere. Breathing exercises are not just to be able to sing high notes, but can also make voice more melodious.

Train articulation; A singer must have a clear articulation in singing the lyrics. Good articulation will make people happy to hear your singing. So you have to master articulation techniques by more often practicing with songs that have lyrics with words that are a bit difficult.

Maintaining gastric health; If the stomach acid rises up to the lungs and throat, then the stomach acid can damage the vocal cords near the throat. To avoid stomach acid rises, eat regularly and reduce spicy, fried, and sour foods. Choose foods that can reduce excess stomach acid.

Train breathing techniques; An important thing to be mastered by a singer is the breathing technique. This technique is needed to prevent the singer from running out of voice when singing a high-pitched song. High breath will greatly affect the melodious voice for singing.

How to sing melodiously

Many drinking mineral water; Our vocal cords vibrate at high speed, and drinking plenty of mineral water will keep the vocal cords wet. If it is dry your voice will hoarse. Eating fruits that contain high moisture content is also great for keeping your voice melodious, like apples, pears, grapes, watermelons, melons etc.

Let your neck and throat muscles relax; Let your throat and neck muscles relaxed even when singing high notes or low. Some singers lifted her head when singing high notes and down when singing low notes, to avoid excessive tension on the muscle. If there is excess tension for long periods may cause reduced voice tone.

Do not abuse your voice; Don’t abuse your voice eg by shouting, talking too loud, etc.. Because of this make our voices become hoarse, and this means the vocal cords become irritated.

Save your voice when you are sick; So for example you again sick with a fever, infection, cough, runny nose, sore throat or hoarse. Don’t sing as this will prolong the healing period and Your voice even becomes more hoarse.

Use your voice well; You must be more careful in speaking. Do not damage your vocal cords, pay attention to how to talk to avoid bad sounds Also, when speaking to a large group outside the building, consider the use of the loudspeaker. Speaking out loud without a loudspeaker can cause tension in the vocal cords. So we recommend using loudspeakers.

Before singing, you must train sound first. If you want to perform complex voice activities or complex voice training, you should train the voice as simple as do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do, repeated. Now you know the tips and tricks to sing melodiously and make your voice melodious.