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Cause of headaches in the morning

Headache in the Morning

Types of headache

Are you suffering headache? It must be the most annoying disease that might happen in your everyday life. Basically, everyone must ever suffer this headache. But, the symptoms and causes might be different from one to another. Before getting started to heal it, you should know some types of headache.

Migraine can be the most common type for every people. It sometimes hits the half side of the head. The sign of migraine can be started by the sensitivity of both lighting and sound. The next type is a cluster headache. People who are suffering it will feel pain behind one of the eyes.

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The feeling of painful might improve from time to time, but then it disappears without many medications. Those types of headache are considered to be the most common and usually happen in the morning. If it happens to you, it is better to take the right action. But, the action must be suitable for its cause.

What causes headache in the morning

Some of you might have a question about the causes of headaches in the morning. Actually, there are some causes that can be easily found. First, it is caused by muscle tension. You will feel that your head is so tight. This tension is sometimes caused by tiredness or exhaustion. Besides, it can also be caused by sleep disorder.

The difficulty to sleep at night will lead to headache once you wake up in the morning. It also happens to people with sleep apnea. Here, people tend to stop breathing and then start to breathe again while they are sleeping. Last, it can also be caused by depression which happens to the adult.

Those are some causes of headache happen in the morning. If you have known those causes, it will be easier to take an action of healing. Consult to your doctor to discuss the right medication to heal this headache.

What causes headaches at night while sleeping

What is cause of headache every night while sleeping? Recently there are people who become so much complaining about night headaches. This type of headache indeed has caused many problems actually for people. We all notice that more and more people have gained experience related to this health problem especially for any women.

Yet, do you know the causes of this problem? Well, this headache actually occurs because of any abnormalities within the nerves and also veins. It may also affect the face region in some people. The most significant cause is the abnormalities within the hypothalamus. There is evidence that cause the abnormalities. This is the complex structure within the brain which may cause severe cluster headache.

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The hypothalamus may involve in the regulation of any important chemicals and pathways. There are many other causes of such headache that you need to know as well. It is rare problem among society actually. It only affects lesser than 1% of the population. Both age and gender also holds significant role of such problem actually.

Although it affects almost any ages, the most common people who suffer from the problem are those who are middle age. Men also have 2 or 3 times higher risk in suffering from cluster headache compared to women. The common age of people suffering from this headache is approximately 40s up to 60s. Women have fluctuations on their hormones. Therefore, they often suffer from such problem actually.

Next are the lifestyle factors. We can see many people having certain habits such as smoking, and stress which may lead into such night headache. Genetic factor may also have the role. This disease affects people having the genetic factor of families who have ever suffered from such headache as well. There are also factors such as head injury and also sleep apnea which may lead to night headache.

Cause of headache every night while sleeping

Causes of headaches at night while sleeping usually refers to the direction of fatigue or stress. However, in some cases, this may indicate something more serious. This article provides information on some of the causes behind headaches at night.

The most important reason behind the headache can include life filled with stress, tension, depression, and working pressure. Headache also occurs when we feel cold and fever, and also exposed to polluted and dusty environments. This is the cause behind the occurrence of normal daily headaches. However, experience headaches only at night has some other medical reason.

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For any of you who don’t know yet about headache during sleeping, I want to discuss mainly about it here. So, what is night headache? People usually call this headache as hypnic headache. This is a rare syndrome which people suffer in their life. This kind of problem occurs for people who have the age above 50.

There are also cases of people who suffer from such disease within the age of 40 years old. People often misunderstand this disease as migraine. Although it is similar, you can notice that there are differences of those diseases. You need also to learn about the symptoms actually.

If what we talk here is about any possible symptoms, you really need to know that mostly people suffering from such disease often get headache exclusively within the night. This may wake them up and cause terrible problem. The headache often occurs between 1 and also 3 am. The pain suffered can be really unilateral.

It means that you can suffer from one side of the head only or it can also become bilateral which occur on both sides of the head. The pain can last from 15 minutes up to 6 hours. Therefore, this duration become the major problem of the people in suffering from the night headache.

If you suffer from this headache problem, you need to go back to sleep sooner after the pain subsides. There is more than one attack within the night which makes people so much troublesome. To find the proper treatment, people should conduct consultation first.

Causes of headaches at night

The cause of frequent headaches at night is usually triggered by stress resulting from activities that are too dense. Each person must have experienced headaches. Headache is a common thing that usually happens.

Headaches can wake you from a sound sleep. Severe headache that causes you to sleep late. Headaches that occur every night will make your insomnia. One of the causes of headaches at night are migraines. People who suffer from chronic migraine usually experience pain in the forehead. Sleep will be disturbed and pain all night.

Hypoglycemia can also cause a person to experience headaches at night. If someone has low blood sugar levels, then he will definitely have a constant headache at night. This condition inhibits sleep, causing health complications.

It could be a headache that occurs only a small reaction or a mild distraction can also be headache is a sign of serious illness. When the headaches should not be taken lightly, you should immediately act to ease it. If necessary, contact your doctor to determine the cause of your headaches.

Cause of headaches at night before bed

What is the cause of headaches at night before bed. Some people recently have suffered from the problem such as headache during the night or before bed. If you also suffer from the same problem, you need to pay attention first about in how to be able to gain possible treatment. It is true that any people should look for accurate diagnosis from the doctor.

The treatment for this type of headache may vary out there. It may depend on the type of causes. People also usually call this type of headache as cluster headaches. There are also people who call this headache as hypnic or alarm clock headache. The problem of pain only occurs during sleep. Although it often occurs during the night sleep, people also often suffer from the pain during the nap.

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People who suffer from such headache are usually the people having the age of 50 years old. So, what are the possible treatments that people can obtain from such problem? There are many options of treatments including the usage of lithium or medication which is usually applied for any bipolar disorder patient.

This headache indeed is very troublesome for people who really want to gain better quality of sleep during the night. Therefore, you really need to know as well about how to get the treatment for such problem. You can consult to any professional or health practitioner out there.

The purpose is to suit your preferences in how to deal with this night headache actually. So, just be more attentive about it later. What you need to do is to make sure that the medication may never cause you any health problems.

As we have explained previously, headache when you wake up can be caused by a number of factors. Therefore it is important to analyze the cause of the headache and get medical care when needed.

Effect of food that can disrupt your sleep

Often find it difficult to sleep, even though the body is tired to be rested. Leave a sleeping pill before bed as a means of procession and move on to what foods you consume every day. Let’s find out, these tips on what to do to get a good night’s sleep.

The cause of restless sleep, often after activity a day, at night becomes tired and difficult to sleep. This can happen to anyone, whether children, adults, teens, to parents. The cause of restless sleep or called also insomnia.

Causes of insomnia (difficult to sleep)

– Psychological factors. prolonged stress is most often the cause of chronic insomnia type, while the bad news failed plan can be the cause transient insomnia.

– Psychiatric problems. Depression is most often found. You get up earlier than usual that you do not want, is the most common symptoms of early depression, Anxiety, Neorosa, and other psychological disorders are often the cause of sleep disorders.

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– Physical pain. Shortness of breath in people who have asthma, sinus, nasal congestion, flu can be a cause of sleep disorders. During a physical cause or physical pain that can not tackled well, sleep disorders or sleeplessness will be able to keep going.

– Environmental factors. noisy environments such as jet trajectory environment, railway tracks, factories or even a neighbor’s TV can be a factor causing sleeplessness.

The influence of food on your sleep

– Eat foods rich in tryptophan content. One of the essential amino acids is known as a substance that can drive you sleep soundly. Unfortunately the body can not produce these essential amino acids alone. So to meet the needs of the body, we must get it from outside. Foods that contain lots of amino acids tryptophan include bananas, wheat, honey, and poultry.

– Eat foods rich in carbohydrates. combination diet rich in carbohydrate and amino acid tryptophan is very good for your insomnia. So look for foods such as cereal and milk, yogurt, crackers, bread or cheese to support your plans to enjoy a deep sleep.

– A little snack before bedtime. For those of you who entered the category of severe insomnia, a little food may can help you sleep.

– Forget the burger and fries now. New research shows that consumption of fat-rich foods a day, will disturb your sleep.

– Be careful of food with low caffeine levels; It is not surprising that a cup of coffee in the afternoon can disrupt your sleep. Disturbed sleep even though you can also just eat foods with low levels of caffeine such as chocolate, and tea. So from now on, avoid the consumption of caffeine during the day until bedtime, although with low levels.

– Note the drugs you are taking. Some medicines that we consume may contain caffeine, even a measure far more than a cup of coffee. So be careful in consuming drugs. First check whether the labels listed contain substances that can disrupt your sleep (causing insomnia) or not. Generally, drugs such as body weight-lowering pills, diuretics, and flu medicines contain caffeine, although with different levels.

– Stay away from high-protein snacks. Protein is an important part in our diet. However, the relative protein-rich foods more difficult to digest by the body. So that it can disrupt your sleep. So stay away from snack high-protein before bedtime.

– Reduce drinking after 8 pm. Drinking water is very good for our bodies. Even a very important role in metabolic processes. But in the current consumption is less precise, such as before bedtime will disrupt your sleep quality. Your sleep may be disturbed by waking frequently because want to go to the bathroom.