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Preparation tips to avoid the stress of the morning

How to avoid stress in the morning. In order to through the day well, of course we had to start the day well. If you live morning with panic, then this will have an impact on stress and be able to spoil the mood or spirit activities throughout the day. To get a pleasant morning, you need to be prepared in the evening in order to live a fun morning and could feel happier throughout the day.

– Prepare your key. It often happens, when you become exhausted in the morning just because you forgot where to put the key and had to find the key when going out of the house. In addition to spending quite a lot of time, activities such as these, can make you stress in the morning. To that end, preferably at bedtime, put or keep it in a place that will be easy to remember. So you do not need to look it up in the morning.

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– Wash the dishes, wash the dishes after a long day’s was exhausting. But you will feel relieved if it is done and you do not feel burdened with the task you have completed in the morning, because you have done it at night.

– Prepare the dining table for breakfast. This may seem trivial thing, but this needs to be done first, especially if you’ve got a child. Setting up the dining table at the time the relatively short morning can increase your stress levels.

– Prepare clothes to wear. Choosing the right shirt or dress in a relatively short time would be confusing. Especially if you are not going to have much time in the morning. By setting it up at night, you will not be hasty in choosing the right dress so you can perform well throughout the day.

– Charge your electronic device batteries. You would often feel anxious when you discovered electronic device or low battery on your mobile in the morning, especially if the device should you use during the activity.

– Monitor weather forecasts. Monitor the weather forecast you need to do, so in the next day, you will be able to better prepare yourself, what do you need to take it, because it could happen that sudden weather changes and can ruin your day’s plans, it will also cause stress and your mornings so no spirit. To that end, preparations need to be done in order to pep in the morning.

The quick way to cope with stress at work

Cope with stress at work

The quick way to cope with stress at work. Stress is a term which causes anxiety and is usually associated with nervous tension and fatigue. The workplace is one of the major contributors of stress for everyone. Although it can cause stress, there is a quick and easy way to manage stress at work and be more productive.

How to manage stress in the workplace

Reduce drinking coffee; Coffee flows in your blood, this is the problem. Caffeine as wet stress flowing in your veins. It increases the production of adrenaline, a natural tranquilizer for your brain. Blocking caffeine from your daily habits are the most effective strategies for reducing stress as far as I know. Most of the patients who drank decaffeinated coffee to feel more relaxed and more active in the workplace, especially due to better sleep.

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Stretching; When we are stressed, we tend to lean forward in order to focus our attention on what we do. This makes the small muscles of the throat and back to work overtime. For quick relief, cross your fingers behind your neck and push your shoulders back so that they are flat.

Then bend your head fall forward and your chin touches your chest bone. Bring your elbows forward and join them. Push your hand down for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat the same exercise 6-8 times whenever you feel tense.

Using a multivitamins; In the study found that those who took daily multivitamin rich in vitamin C and B. Multivitamins can reduce stress. In addition, men who take multivitamin not easily tired and more attention than those without. The survey results showed that vitamin B and C can help reduce the effects of stress.

Get some fresh air; Find time for some fresh air even if the phone rang incessantly. Get a couple of minutes to get out of the office and looking for some fresh air.

Do the methods you can follow to manage and help yourself from stress in the workplace.

Yoga can help relieve stress

Relieve stress

It is no secret, if yoga has a myriad of benefits. Useful addition to a healthy body, yoga exercise routine can also help you to relieve stress. Before doing yoga, you are advised to avoid consumption of food, at least 2 hours before the start, for in order to practice yoga do not disturb the digestion process.

Yoga is an exercise of personal nature, because it can only be achieved through internal focus. So you will not be too worried to do the best pose, because the most important thing in yoga is how you do the pose.

Cope with stress by doing yoga

Very difficult for people living in urban areas to have a stress free life. Almost every work of any kind may result in fatigue, insomnia, and other disorders. Most people try to improve their lifestyle, with just relaxing in the garden, or traveling.

With yoga, it is known that extremely helps people who suffer from severe depression. It can also help you lose weight and your blood pressure. In other words, yoga is very well done to regulate the condition of the body and mind. Yoga has become one of the most popular activity routine in most Latin countries.

Surely after a few stages that exhibited by you, you too will be convinced of the positive effects generated. But if you really want to use yoga techniques as a way to restore your energy, it is appropriate. There is nothing better to do. With yoga, you will feel the peace of mind, physical therapy and spiritual relaxation and meditation.

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How to prevent stress

Stress is a person’s perception of potentially threatening situations. Each person can experience stress. Whether stress due to problems at work, school problems, can also be stressful because of the romance.

Regular breaks; Because stress is exhausting and mind as well. So adequate rest is the best solution for people with stress to prevent stress and rest also serves to restore the body and mental condition.

A healthy diet and regular; With a healthy diet, regular diet, good diet and the right are directly related to body condition. Since all of this relate to the intake of nutrients necessary to build a healthy body. Remember In a healthy body there is a strong spirit. A healthy body and strong spirit will not be prone to stress.

Regular exercise; Exercise can help prevent stress. Due to increasingly exercise our bodies healthy and strong so it is less susceptible to stress.

Entertainment; Take the time to do things that are entertaining. And do not forget that there are occasional times go on vacation. Two things are shown to prevent stress.

The next way to prevent stress is to entertainment for example Listening to music, listening to music can prevent stress, especially the soft music and favorite songs. Soft music that will send signals to your mind to relax and calm.

Positive Thinking; Tips to prevent stress on this one I think the most efficient / effective. If we do a little thinking about life, anything that would have a good side and bad side. The best way is to try to give a positive value (think of the good) of every thing we encounter, whether it be a problem, fortune, or whatever. It is considered able to cope with the stress that plagued our minds.

Relaxation; Another way to prevent stress is with relaxation aromatherapy. Of course aromatherapy that can make your body and mind relax.

Perform Massage; Perform Massage on certain body parts will make the body was sore and feel fresh again. It also needs to be done to prevent stress also relieve stress.

Bath with warm water; Other alternatives to prevent stress is to a warm bath. Warm water bath is believed to relax the muscles that are tense due to stress.

Watch a comedy; Another way to prevent stress is to laugh. Laughter makes the brain and our body is more relaxed, so we could watch a comedy show or read the comics funny to get us to laugh.

Stress can hit anyone, including you. If you’ve experienced it, it is not likely your health will suffer. That would be bad for your daily activities. One of the triggers you are exposed to stress is to eat unhealthy food.

Avoid stress can lower high cholesterol

Avoid stress can lower high cholesterol. I hope you are not feeling excessive stress, frustration or despair today. You are able to manage stress in the future. Stress not be eliminated from our lives. No one who is not stressed.

People who do not stress may be the person who does not care at all, people are apathetic, do not have a life goal. But, that’s not possible. To put food of any person should think and do things. Each person will be dealing with the problems of everyday life even if the degree of difficulty varies.

lower high cholesterol, Avoid stress

Stress and other emotions such as tension, anxiety, anger, depression can trigger the release of chemicals that constrict veins, reducing blood flow to the heart, increases blood pressure, and increase your heart rate. These changes, coupled with uncontrolled cholesterol, can make you vulnerable to a heart attack.

To block your body’s stress response, was the easy way out to avoid stressful situations. Try going for a walk, practice deep breathing, simple stretching, meditation and anything that allows you to relax. You’ll feel better, you will think more clearly, and you will reduce the danger to your heart.

No matter how busy you are, take a few minutes each day to reflect on yourself and your life. Are you satisfied with the direction you take and what your needs are met. By balancing the desire and ability, you can avoid stress disorder that can damage your health in many ways.

It is important to be familiar and close to ourselves, but not to sacrifice family and social relationships. They provide balance your life and enable you to cope with stressful situations.

Keeping in touch with family and society requires some effort, especially in an era when technology is blocking to meet relatives. But it was worth doing, because research has shown that people with fewer social ties are more susceptible to disease. On the other hand, has a high social relationships, meaning you have the opportunity to live longer and free of high cholesterol, heart disease and other diseases.

Stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls

Stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls. Often adults feel exasperated when he saw the children who are obese and adorable, and considers children’s certainly plenty to eat. Yet according to the study, most obesity is caused by stress on the child’s brain and affect its ability to regulate appetite. The most dominant is the relationship that is often found children whose mothers were less harmonious in childhood.

Obesity should be taken seriously because of the child’s future is still long. Please check your child’s weight, whether in accordance with the age and height, prior to the adverse effects of obesity began to emerge. Consider your child’s lifestyle, because the pattern of unhealthy eating is one of the triggers of obesity in addition to a sense of stress and lack of physical activity.

obesity in girls, stress increase risk obesity, causes of obesity

Avoid junk food even if it is your child’s favorite foods, and food as well as sweets, including cookies, to drinks that contain soda. Frequently ask your child to activities and do not let busy with television or video games all the time.

Types of stress that can increase the risk of obesity in girls

Stress caused by pressured by taunts may increase the risk of obesity in girls

In addition to the psychological side of children who are bored, hormonal factors, genetic, and stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls. Currently, many cases of obesity that appears in the age of the children and invite concern for a considerable risk to the health of the child. These children are in her future risk of complications among type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders that can lead to heart disease, fatty deposits in the abdomen, high blood pressure, until high cholesterol.

In addition, childhood obesity also triggers the accumulation of plaque in the arteries that usually lead to stroke. Respiratory disorders, gallstones, infertility, to balance hormones may also occur. Often this is a result in the child experiencing menstruation and puberty early, and even depression and loss of confidence due to often teased by friends or other people around them.

Take care of children properly so that obesity not continues into adulthood. Add fiber-rich vegetables and fruits are more on the food, and reduce snacks and other foods taste sweet. Find activities that interest your child and be able to train for the physical move. You can take your time to accompany cycling, swimming, or just playing ball in your yard. Do this for the health and future your child.

Stress caused by unhealthy can increase the risk of obesity in girls

You should be grateful if your child is not obesity, but if you want to keep him away from the risks that can strike at any time, creating a close emotional relationship with your daughter, but to do some of the following suggestions. When a child has to feel full, do not force him to spend on food. Better to take food in small portions from the beginning, so no one will be left. When children are able to spend their food, you do not need to be rewarded with candy or other sweets.

Give children the opportunity enjoy a television show, but limit his time. Remember that health is not identical with the body contains fat. Provided with good nutrition does not always have to fatten your child. Provide your child with own homemade healthy food to avoid eating snacks at school. Consider some important things was to help children be healthier and avoid the fact that stress can increase the risk of obesity in girls.

Prevent and relieve stress with a foods or snack

Prevent and relieve stress with a foods or snack. Each person has different problems and have no way to find a solution, even though every problem is no way out but in the process of seeking an answer to someone sometimes experience things that are not as exciting as thinking about something that can not be coherent, the emergence of excessive panic if the problem has not been resolved and all sorts of thoughts and feelings of stress and ultimately makes us paranoid.

Causes of stress

Stress can occur in almost all age levels such as stress in children are still young, adolescent, adult, middle-aged and even to people who already lived too can experience it and in fact stress is a major problem for many people both in the work environment because of the large pressure, the responsibility that must be accepted and any problems are not supposed to. Or stress due to domestic problems whether it’s because of a less harmonious relationship, home shopping problems or possible problems in the care of children.

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How to cope with stress

Stress is a maturing process yourself because you’re facing a challenge of life in the form of demands, opportunities and problems of advanced life (next level) you have to go through.

If your life filled with feelings of stress then there are some simple things are the way to overcome your stress and can be done, not to the influence of stress and torment of your life that caused frustration irritability, anxiety, conflict, and feel depressed. For that you need to control your mind and do not make the issue a burden on the mind as a way to overcome the stress of the easiest.

Foods or snacks that can prevent stress

Grilled chicken or roast beef; Grilled chicken that gives a good protein. Meat protein will help your brain create dopamine and norepinephrine, natural chemicals in the brain that will keep us alert. As for meat, although fat, but also contains vitamin B, iron and zinc are very rich so that’s good for stress.

Almonds; These delicious nuts that love to have one in brown appeared to have a good anti-stress properties. Almonds contain vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Vitamin B and magnesium it helped calm and control our mood. Zinc was effective against stress and vitamin E was rich in antioxidants that can destroy free radicals cause stress as well as fight heart disease. Simply hand the consumption of only one cell per day, because if the excess, the fat content can make to the growth side, aka fat.

Popcorn; Popcorn snacks good for stress prevention because carbohydrates are the popcorn will make our bodies release serotonin, a chemical in the brain that will make us feel relaxed. But make sure that we enjoy popcorn free or low-fat, because fat will slow the process there is the release of serotonin, so it will last longer in our bodies, and of course will make us more relaxed.

Sushi; Sushi is a lot of benefits. Seaweed was often a mixture of materials have properties similar to the fish that is also present in a mixture of sushi. Pantothenic acid is contained in it is important for the adrenal glands play an important body for stress management. Lack of pantothenic acid can lead to infections, fatigue and excessive anxiety.

Brown; Chocolate met with anadamin, and feniletilamin, which helps the nerve and will make you feel calmer and happier.

Pineapple and berries; Antioxidants derived from fruits or vegetables with bright colors stronger helps fight free radicals that make our memories remain strong. Because our brains absorb a lot of oxygen, the antioxidant will help reduce brain damage due to oxidants available. And at the time of confusion, we must think clearly with our brains.

Fish; Almost all types of fish contain a complete vitamin B, especially B6 and B12 are the most important for stress relief. Now further, it turns out vitamin B12 is the most important vitamin pleasure in creating substance produced by the brain. Because of that lack of vitamin B12 can lead to depression. Try the tuna fish for lunch or dinner. In addition, foods rich in omega 3, such as salmon, can protect us from heart disease.

Greens; Broccoli, kale. spinach, or vegetables that are dark green vegetables are very beneficial lowering stress, due to the abundant vitamin content can refill (recharge) the body’s energy is depleted when we are in a depressed state of mind.

Whole wheat bread; Bread, white rice or pie filling, but after that we can be so sleepy and even if most of the fat. But, in fact wheat has other effects, which can be filling as well as controlling stress in the long term.

Milk; Before eating, look for the type of milk that will best suit our needs. In essence, these beverages have antioxidant that destroys free radicals trigger stress. Can be consumed in the morning or at night before bed.

Foods / snacks that can prevent malicious stress. Stress triggers initially used to improve performance in any case but at this time of excessive stress and damage the existing balance. There are so many causes of stress. The causes of stress is all around us and present in everyday life, our hearts. Stress is harmful is excessive stress.

Foods that can reduce stress

Foods that can reduce stress – dmatxi.com. Stress is the pressure that the body burden due to changes in the atmosphere of everyday life. Stress can inhibit the expression of our physical and mental energy as a whole. This results in fatigue produced by excessive mental work (anxiety), which do not rest enough, restlessness, insomnia, irritability, and feelings of depression. All this has an adverse effect of a healthy body, what else on the body is weakened due to chronic infection.

Doctors have long recognized the relationship between stress, feelings of depression, and the onset of the disease through changes in the immune system. Preparation of T lymphocytes, natural killer cells decreased and excessive amounts of toxic substances in the body come together when someone is in chronic stress.

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Every time we experience a new condition, your body makes more adrenalin which gives us extra energy to overcome the challenges faced. This energy use stored nutrients in our body. Too much stress will spend the nutrient supply and leave little left over for daily labor. This leads to fatigue, weakness, insomnia, and therefore the stress will increase.

Stressful conditions often make the immune system decline and result in easily become sick, from colds to heart disease. Stress is experienced by almost everyone. Especially to those who often chased by time constraints.

Foods that can actually reduce your stress like warm oatmeal can increase levels of serotonin in the body so removing a sense of calm and comfort. Other foods can reduce levels of cortisol and adrenaline, in which they are a stress hormone in the body over time.

Foods that can reduce stress:

  • Foods containing complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates encourage the brain to make serotonin, causing a sense of comfort, it is better to eat complex carbohydrates that can be digested properly. Good choice as a producer of complex carbohydrates are cereals, bread, pasta, and oatmeal. Complex carbohydrates can also make blood sugar levels stable.
  • Foods containing simple carbohydrates. Foods that contain simple carbohydrates, including candy and soda can reduce stress for a short time. Simple sugars contained in them when ingested, will result in high levels of serotonin.
  • Foods containing vitamin C. Oranges contain vitamin C a lot, the content of vitamin C can reduce stress. A study shows that taking 3000 mg of vitamin C before a stressful task to make cortisol levels and blood pressure became normal again.
  • Foods containing Magnesium. The content of magnesium in spinach regulate cortisol levels. Magnesium tends to wasted from the body when we stress and eat the spinach can adds and levels of magnesium in the body. In addition to spinach, if you are not a spinach lover, magnesium is also found in salmon and soybeans.
  • Omega-3 fish. To make cortisol and adrenaline in the body still okay, the consumption of fish containing omega-3, such as tuna and salmon. Thus, in addition to reducing stress, also good for protecting the heart. For maximum results, consume 3 ounces of omega-3 fish twice a week.

Foods known to affect brain function. Some elements of food affect the brain chemical called nerve transmitters (neurotransmitters), which is important for mental and physical readiness, causing a quiet sleep, and reduce feelings of depression.

Relative to eat to reduce stress, an important step is to avoid foods that exacerbate stress and eat anything that will alter your mood, enhance a sense of ease, and add to nutrient supply in the body needed to cope with stress.

Stress resulting gritted teeth during sleep, sleep bruxism

Stress resulting gritted teeth during sleep, sleep bruxism – dmatxi.com. Some people sometimes have a habit of gritted teeth while sleeping at night. Apparently gritted teeth while sleeping habits due to stress factors that hit the person in the afternoon.

According to research showing that people who like to gritted teeth at night, it seems likely because the person is experiencing stress. Other factors that also influence is not as likely to face some difficult things considered. Gritted teeth at night, especially during sleep called ‘Sleep Bruxism’.

teeth grinding, sleep bruxism, gritted teeth

Impact due to gritted teeth

Habits like gritted teeth can cause teeth to be rude when used, the teeth become loose, having a high sensitivity, abnormal growth and experience pain in the muscles responsible for chewing.

Although not fully proven, but the stress factor is alleged to have engaged in this practice. The results support the assumption that people who gritted his teeth at night due to being unable to deal with the stress they experienced in an appropriate manner. They generally prefer a strategy to escape and avoid problems.

Because that’s one way to eliminate the habit of gritted teeth at night is to look at stress as a positive thing. Also try to avoid the trigger factors of stress every day. Stress symptoms include mental, social and physical. These include fatigue, loss of or increased appetite, headaches, crying, sleeplessness, and oversleeping. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, or apathy may accompany stress.

Cultivate in yourself that you can overcome all things well rather than just thinking about how bad things are happening. Stress can actually help memory, especially on short-term memory and not too complex. Stress causes more glucose to the brain, which gives more energy to neurons.

This, in turn, enhance and restore memory formation. On the other hand, if stress is constant, can inhibit glucose delivery and disrupt memory. Although not definitely proven gritted teeth caused by stress, but it’s good if we keep managing stress.

Junk food has the potential to cause stress and depression

Junk food has the potential to cause stress and depression – dmatxi.com. What causes stress and depression. Stress can say is part of everyday life. In order not to lead to depression, there are easy recipes repel and reduce stress. Play is an activity that is good for your mental health. A life or culture that does not have or lack the game will have a risk of experiencing health problems.

The prevalence of depression, stress related illness, interpersonal violence, drug addiction, poor health and welfare problems may be experienced by those who never made a play activity. So, not only exercise, adequate rest and eat nutritious food that can make you live longer. Having a sense of fun and happiness also need to get the same portion of your life.

cause stress and depression, Junk food potential stress and depression

Junk food causes stress and depression

Most food delicious is unhealthy foods, like junk food. Foods that are synonymous with high fat, sugary-sweet and a bit of nutrition it is now known to be one of the causes of stress and depression. Studies suggest that eating junk food will make a person depressed.

There is a close relationship between the type of food with depressive symptoms. Eat processed foods or junk foods tend to have symptoms of stress and depression than those eating natural foods.

Apart from all other health factors such as smoking, exercise, or a person’s weight, junk foods or processed foods proven related to depressive symptoms. Therefore, if someone wants to avoid depression or other symptoms of bad mood, you should not try to eat these foods.

The opposite is happening now. When someone is in a bad mood or in trouble, he tends to eat all kinds of delicious food. And the most delicious foods that are fatty foods, sweets and high sodium foods like junk food.

By reducing the consumption of processed meat, fried foods, sweets and high fat, guaranteed risk of depression can be reduced. Instead, multiply eat fruits and vegetables each day.

Make sure the fruits and vegetables into the daily diet, and feel the difference in perceived mood than when eating junk food. Changing lifestyles also help a person cope with stress and depression.

Long term effects of stress on the brain

Tips on how to prevent and treatment excessive stress and long term effects of stress. Stress is a psychological disease. All people can suffer from stress. Stress is caused by various factors. Every person has a cause of stress is different. No person may not have a life goal. But, long term effects of stress on the brain.

Each person will be dealing with the problems of everyday life despite various levels of difficulty. Thus, each person can experience stress, it could even be excessive stress. The most important thing for everyone is how to control in order to avoid excessive stress, leading to frustration and even despair.

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Long term effects of stress on the brain

The issue is how to prevent excessive stress or long term effects of stress, which can make you frustrated and even desperate. In general, the stress because he did not achieve personal goals or desires are not met. Facts are not in line with expectations.

Although it is tried, the target is not reached. Finally, excessive stress and even stress can show up and if not properly managed, this could be entailed frustration, despair and even suicide. In addition, the long-term effects of stress can affect the health of the brain.

Long term effects of stress on the brain

Learning ability down; The stem cell nerve in the hypocampus, the part of the brain that is essential for learning and memory, is formed by neurons. But under chronic stress, these stem cells become coated with myelin. Excess myelin this resulted in disruption of communication and the connection between neurons. It certainly disrupts the function of the brain. The condition is mainly found in people who have anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stroke risk; Long-term effects of stress can cause a stroke risk. High levels of stress can increase the risk of stroke. “In addition to traditional risk factors, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and smoking, stress also contributes to the incidence of stroke,” said Susan Everson-Rose, a researcher.

Depression; Chronic stress can prevent the emergence of new nerve cells in the hippocampus. This condition will reduce a person’s ability to rise from the next stress and cause symptoms similar to depression appears.

Brain size shrinks; Anxiety triggered by various events, such as divorce, loss of home, or being left behind by loved ones, can reduce the gray areas of the brain. This area of the brain deals with self-control and emotion.

The good news, research shows the brain has the natural ability to recover from stress. When the stressor is gone, the neural stem cells will regain their ability to regenerate neurons at normal levels. Do activities that can reduce your stress.

Experts believe that there are some activities that can reduce stress levels and minimize nerve damage. For example, sports, including mild exercise such as jogging is enough to restore the mood and reduce stress. Another proven method is meditation. This practice has proven to be effective in calming the heart and easing anxiety.

Here are tips to prevent excessive stress, frustration, and despair:

Do not rely on ourselves; See that you do not rely on ourselves. Nature we have to rely on yourself. Even people who believe in God though still often rely upon itself. We are confident to do everything by ourselves. We think we can manage our lives and achieve our plans without God’s help. We forget that the success of our plans are in the hands of God. Plans as good as anything, only God determines the outcome. Do not rely on ourselves to prevent excessive stress.

Do not be too believes in himself; Avoid over-confident attitude. People who have a sharp mind, which always won at school, got a job with a large income, a lot of treasure, a great social status in the past, these can all lead to over-confident attitude. We can not always predict what will happen. Even if we are smart, rich, always successful in the past, we could still fail in doing something. You and I may fail as well as any of our efforts. Finally, we may experience excessive stress. Avoid over-confident attitude is one technique to prevent excessive stress.

Make a realistic target; Many people make personal goals that are too far without thinking about the potential and facilities. Common sense is ignored. Rational calculation removed. See that you do not include such a person. If you have the ability, talent, and finances are good, still use common sense to achieve your personal goals. Do not think more than what you should think about.

Do not compare yourself with others; Avoid comparing yourself with others. We often compare ourselves with others. We feel smarter or better than others, but in fact other people more successful than us. Can we also do not feel smart enough to make us feel inferior. Take away these thoughts. Keep the attitude of comparing yourself with others. You are you. Other people are other people. Way of life of each is the same despite never experienced the same events.

Thank failure; Accept when your target is not achieved and do something. Your goal could not be reached because you are not diligent, persistent, and diligent. Maybe because you want out of sync with God’s will. Not all our plans are always approved by God. We can plan different from the will of God. We want this and that, but God willing another.

Grateful to the failure; Though difficult, be thankful if you do not achieve what you want. There is always something wisdom behind every event. Failure can be a lesson in the future and be a blessing to others. Any failure to always keep a good thing. There is no mystery behind the incident. There we do not know behind the failures that occur in our lives. So, be thankful even if you do not achieve your life goals.

Exercise; Exercise can prevent excessive stress. Try to exercise. Set aside time to exercise. Many advise that regular exercise will prevent excessive stress. You can walk, run or other exercise regularly. This is to avoid the long-term effects of stress.

Excessive stress┬ácan happen, in terms of love, employment, and education. Usually occurs when a person is always thinking about a single issue continuously. Stress can also occur if you do not have an activity, so do not know what to do (being a day’s room). This is article about long term effects of stress on the brain.