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Solutions to address dry eye and tired when the front of the computer

How the solution to cope with dry eye and tired when the front of the computer. The eye is the organ of vision that detect light. Who performed the simplest eyes that nothing else but to know whether the surroundings are light or dark. More complex eyes are used to give a visual understanding.

Eye is one of the five senses are very important for humans. With the eye, we can see the beauty of this world. Therefore, it is imperative for us to maintain eye health. We must always keep our eye health in order to avoid the various diseases of the eye.

solution to cope with dry eye

Lots of eye diseases that can strike our eyes at any time. Have you noticed that today more and more people are starting to wear glasses? Addiction of computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets did have an impact and risks that must be paid.

One thing to note is when the front of the computer. There are various types of new diseases caused by the development of modern times, one of which is the declining performance of the eye for too long staring at a computer screen or a gadget.

LED lamp itself is now a lot of the spotlight and began to be widely used because it could require electrical power which is lighter than ordinary lights. But how safe these lights to be used has not been studied before. LED monitors are commonly used in many electronic devices such as mobile phones and streetlights. If someone too much looking at the light that comes from the LED, can cause damage to the retina of the eye.

This is due to the waves of blue light emitted by the LED has a high radiation unhealthy. The brightness of the computer screen or mobile phone makes you depressed and dry eyes. Additionally, if too long staring at the screen, the retina will changed.

Therefore, it is very important for you to learn how to protect your eyes. There are many simple actions that you can do to keep your eye health are well preserved. Computer light can be easily avoided if you put a barrier between the eye and the screen.

  • Lower the brightness of the screen
  • Use glasses instead of contact lenses
  • Wear goggles anti-glare
  • Blink as much as possible in order to keep the eye moist
  • Maintain visibility of the screen
  • Increase font size
  • Do not be too often staring at the screen
  • Use Optical Screen Guard

This simple tips to protect your eyes from the computer screen. Always keep your eye health because health is a priceless treasure with anything. Balance also by eating nutritious foods that are useful to the health of your eyes. Read also tips on maintaining tired eyes naturally.

How to treat red itchy eyes and watery

How to treat red itchy eyes and watery?. The eyes are often infected with dirt and dust resulting red eyes accompanied by itching. Bad habits rubbed his eyes when the itch will actually worsen the condition of the eye. Not only is getting red, the eyes also will feel hot and too watery. For that when there is irritation of the eyes is expected to not rubbed his eyes for a long time.

Eye infections caused by many things and it all can be overcome by doing a number of natural therapies. However, to cope with itchy eyes and red should be known and the unknown number of causes eye irritation persists because if there are multiple layers of the eye to be infected. Here are some causes irritation of the eyes so that the eyes become itchy and red.
How to treat red itchy eyes and watery

Causes of eye irritation

  • Infected with a virus. The infection is usually associated with respiratory infections, symptoms that can be caused is watery eyes, itchy, red, swollen and feels like a lump on the eyes.
  • Bacterial infection. Staphylococcus bacteria and bacteria pneumococcus is the main cause. The symptoms are the same as the virus infected eye. Additionally, it will feel sore accompanied by the release of dirt dark yellow eyes like pus. Especially when just waking up in the morning, the eye will be covered dirt eye so hard to open because of the sticky. The eyes will feel the heat.
  • Due to allergies. Allergy eye will make the eyes itchy, red and watery. Sometimes also swelling of the eyelids as containing fluid.
  • There are injuries to the eyes. If there are eye injuries and infections can cause a dangerous reaction if not treated immediately.

The cause red eyes and itchy above can be caused by adverse environmental impacts so that the eye became infected. But there is no disease that has no cure, there are many ways you can do to treat red itchy eyes and watery as above. With an easy and natural way to make eyes bright and not itchy or red again. The materials used are also an ingredient that is very often encountered in daily life.

To anticipate and first aid, use natural ingredients to address the itchy and red eyes before check to the doctor for further action if the red itchy eyes and did not change significantly. Here are natural ways that can be done to treat red itchy eyes and watery.

How to treat red itchy eyes and watery

  • Water boiled betel leaf. Betel leaf has long been believed to overcome eye irritation such as itchy and red. The trick is to take a number of betel leaves and boiled with water until boiling. Let the cooking water had to be cool, then soak your face in the water betel leaf with open eyes in order to irritation of the eyes become lost and recovered. This is an effective way to cope with itchy eyes and red.
  • Cucumber slices. Cold cucumber slices can also be used to treat itching and red eyes. The trick is to slice the cucumber crosswise into thin and then place on the eye and allow it to dry and replaced. Cucumber slices are very effective to cope with itchy eyes because cucumbers are believed to contain anti-irritants refreshing.
  • Pure milk. Pure milk can also be used to treat itching and red eyes that with a few drops of milk on cotton and cotton placed above the eyes and let some time. Perform routine until the missing eye irritation and heal.
  • Rosewater. In addition to the pure milk, eye irritation can also be overcome by using rose water and quite practical because it can be done at home. Rose water will also give a sense of cool in the eyes.
  • Sliced potatoes. As with sliced cucumber, sliced raw potatoes can also be used to treat itching and red eyes. The potatoes will make the eyes to relax and also cool so itching slowly disappearing.
So how to treat red itchy eyes and watery with natural ingredients are easy and inexpensive to obtain. By always keeping the humidity and cleanliness of the eye also can avoid the eyes of various infections and irritations. Therefore, always clean the eyes will be safe for health.