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Home remedies to whiten teeth instantly

How to whiten teeth instantly with home remedies? What natural ingredients can be used at home? For there are many home remedies that you can use, ranging from baking soda, banana peels, orange peels, strawberry, palm oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar, apple, charcoal and others.

How to whiten teeth at home in one day? How to whiten teeth overnight can only be done by bleaching. Of the many home remedies for whiten teeth instantly that you can do, but to get the results in short time only you can do with bleaching teeth with a dentist at the clinic.

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Home remedies to whiten teeth instantly

But those of you who want to do the bleaching of teeth at home can also be, but should know the instructions for use. Using home remedies for whiten teeth instantly can be maximized if you do it regularly. Here we will explain how to whiten teeth naturally.

How to whiten teeth instantly using home remedies

  1. Baking soda
  2. Strawberry
  3. Banana peel

Baking soda; The first home remedies to whiten teeth instantly you can do is to use baking soda. Baking soda with water, slowly erode the yellow stains on the teeth and make the teeth look whiter. The use of baking soda to whiten teeth should not be excessively. Limit the use of only about 2-3 times per week.

Because it can damage and erode tooth enamel that makes teeth become more sensitive. Depletion of the enamel layer will also make the teeth become yellow. Therefore, the use of baking soda should be limited so that only eroded yellow stains that stick to the teeth enamel, and the enamel layer is not eroded also by baking soda.

How to use baking soda to whiten teeth instantly is take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, mix with 1/2 teaspoon water, stir until it forms a paste and then use to brush teeth to the tooth surface, let stand for approximately 1 minute , then rinse clean.

2. Strawberry fruit can also be used to whiten teeth naturally. Strawberries contain vitamin C can destroy the plaque on the teeth. Strawberries also contain an enzyme called malic acid that can remove yellow stains on teeth.

How to use strawberries for teeth whitening is, take 5 strawberries, washed, then puree, then rub into the surface of the teeth, let stand a minute for five minutes, then rinse clean. Strawberry is one of the many home remedies for whiten teeth instantly you can do at home.

3. As we wrote in a previous article about how to whiten teeth using leather linings. Banana peel contains potassium, magnesium, and manganese are quite high in bananas can help remove yellow stains on the teeth.

How to whiten teeth naturally by using a banana peel is rub the inside of a banana peel to the surface of the teeth, rub for approximately 2 minutes, then wait a minute, then rinse your mouth with water. After 3 weeks of brushing teeth with a banana peel, teeth usually begin to look more white.

Whiten teeth instantly in one day with bleaching

Different from using home remedies above, the most widely used way today for whiten teeth instantly or fast overnight is bleaching. Bleaching is a process of whiten teeth with chemicals. Bleaching teeth process can be done at home by giving a medicine that low levels.

While the process of bleaching teeth are handled directly by the dentist at the clinic is by using tooth whitening medicine levels very high and require irradiation. But the tooth whitener that high levels should not be used by the patient at home, because it has side effects.

Although able to deliver results faster and more leverage as expected. However, bleaching teeth typically require significant financial cost. Not only that, the technique whiten teeth instantly with bleaching should also be done by a professional dentist, and after treatment usually also require follow-up care should also be done by a professional dentist.

Some things to consider after the bleaching teeth process is mainly about keeping food and beverages that may or may not be consumed after the process of bleaching teeth for 7 days. And to keep the teeth to stay white color, after 7 days it must be maintained not to consume foods and beverages that are prohibited after bleaching teeth process.

To save money you can utilize natural ingredients derived from nature as well as materials that are around you to whiten teeth naturally. With low cost, whiten teeth in a natural way is also very safe and will not cause harmful side effects in the future.

We only give you 3 home remedies to whiten teeth instantly so that you do not too confused by too many ways. The use of toothpaste is still needed to help care and dental hygiene. The use of the above materials can be combined with toothpaste for the results obtained over the maximum.

How to whiten teeth fast at home with coconut oil

How to whiten teeth fast at home? Whiten teeth fast you can do using coconut oil. This method is a natural way because it is done by using natural materials are easily obtained. How to do it? Can brush teeth with coconut oil?

Coconut oil has many benefits such as herbs, health, and even alternatives to beauty. Coconut oil is quite popular with high humidity levels, so good for rejuvenating the skin. However, the fact that coconut oil is also useful as a way to whiten teeth.

Causes of yellow teeth

What causes yellow teeth? There are other things that can make the teeth become yellow, a condition in which a thin enamel. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth that is useful to protect the enamel underneath. The enamel layer is a layer of hard, thick enough, and white. Under the enamel layer there is a layer called dentin brownish-yellow (pale brown).

When the enamel (the outer layer of teeth) thinning, then a layer of yellowish dentin will be visible from the outside, thus making the teeth look yellow. Depletion of the enamel layer can be caused by several things, namely age, foods and beverages such as sweet and sour candies, oranges and soft drinks can erode tooth enamel, thus making the enamel so thin.

How to whiten teeth fast at home with coconut oil

Actually there are many ways to restore teeth to be white and clean again. But if the already dull and yellowed teeth, toothbrush certainly not enough. You have to perform extra care to restore the white color on your teeth. Well respond to the issue, we will provide a solution to you.

One of the materials that can be used to whiten teeth naturally at home is coconut oil. To whiten teeth at home this you also need salt. The trick is to use natural ingredients made from coconut oil and salt.

Prepare 1 tablespoon oil and 1 tablespoon salt. Combine the two materials into a container, then make the herb as a remedy for gargling. Gargle with the mixture for about 5 minutes, but do not swallow. After 5 minutes, rinse again with water until clean.

Although the way to whiten teeth naturally very simple, but a combination of coconut oil and salt is very effective for cleaning the tartar and make teeth become white again. Salt can erode dental plate that causes the teeth become yellow and dull, while coconut oil can clean your teeth to make it white again.

Can brushing teeth using coconut oil?

Toothbrushes generally use toothpaste. But, have you ever thought to brush my teeth using natural ingredients such as coconut oil or baking soda? Can brush teeth using coconut oil? Quoted from page boldsky.com, brushed his teeth using natural materials such as coconut oil that has many benefits for dental health.

Brushing teeth with natural materials also allows the teeth remain healthy and free of problems. The benefits of brushing his teeth with coconut oil among others whiten teeth, prevent tartar, strengthens the gums and prevent bad breath.

Clean and whiten teeth by brushing teeth using coconut oil. Teeth also will look more shiny and free of bacteria and plaque causes problems yellow teeth. Nutrients and vitamins contained in coconut oil will make the bacteria and germs that cause tartar can be overcome with good. It is also very possible teeth free from toothache.

If you want to get strong gums and teeth healthy, it is recommended that you brush their teeth regularly used coconut oil 2 to 3 times a week. The active compounds and antioxidants in coconut oil will strengthen the gums and teeth. It can also minimize the risk of cavities and fractured tooth.

For you who have bad breath, try to brush her teeth with coconut oil every morning and before bed. Compounds contained in coconut oil will kill bacteria and germs in the teeth and the mouth that cause bad breath. Brush your teeth by using coconut oil can be done this way.

The treatment did every day on a regular basis in order to get maximum results. Thus an easy way to whiten teeth using coconut oil and salt. Although very simple, but the way it is quite effective if you do it regularly at home. Hopefully this natural way to be useful to you.

How to whiten teeth with banana peel quickly at home

How to whiten teeth with banana peel at homeCan banana skin whiten teeth? How the results teeth whitening using banana peels before and after? We all probably already know the health benefits of eating a banana. But how to dental health? You can use banana peel to take care of your teeth.

This tip is very simple to do teeth whitening with banana peel. Banana peel is often discarded if the time to eat a banana. Because it only needed when you want to whiten teeth. Banana skin turns out is one way to whiten teeth naturally you can do at home.

We often hear and see about some tips on dental health, in particular to eliminate the yellow color of the teeth, either surgically or naturally. Starting from using lemon, charcoal, brick, ash, until the banana skin did not want to miss. But, we do not know the truth for sure, before we try it one by one.

Natural ingredients to whiten teeth

Banana peel; As is known, bananas have many benefits for the body. However, have you ever known that banana peels are useful for your teeth? Banana peels can be a quick way to whiten teeth naturally. Rub the banana peel to your teeth for 2 minutes and the various minerals in it will nourish your teeth.

Strawberry; The content of malic acid in strawberries can help whiten teeth. All you need to do is crush the strawberries and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply it gently to the tooth using your toothbrush or finger. Let stand for about 10 minutes and rinse.

Lemon with salt; Natural acid is present in lemons or oranges. In a teaspoon lemon juice or orange juice add baking soda to form a paste. Using this paste is useful for whitening teeth.

Coconut oil; Coconut oil turns out to act as a useful mouthwash to whiten teeth. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil, rub it into your teeth, and let stand for about an hour. Rinse your mouth and brush as usual.

How to whiten teeth with banana at home

  1. Rub a banana peel on the teeth
  2. Do this for 5 minutes
  3. Let stand about 2 minutes
  4. Clean with a soft tissue
  5. Finish off with a toothbrush using ordinary toothpaste.

Experts believe that the nutrients contained in the banana peel can remove impurities and various causes of teeth yellow. Not only that, the nutrients contained in the banana peel is also believed to make teeth stronger, healthier and avoid the risks of dental health problems.

How to whiten teeth naturally instead of just using the banana peel. Previously we explain how to whiten teeth using hydrogen peroxide. Other natural ingredients that you can use is baking soda, lemon, miswak, strawberries, coconut oil, orange peel, apple cider vinegar, apple, wood charcoal, and many more.

Not only whiten teeth naturally, banana peel can also brighten the skin and even cleaning leather shoes. Wait for our next article which discusses more tips using natural materials to make life-saving without buying cosmetics with high prices.

Talk about the truth of banana skin, as reported by Glamor, Dr. Darren Riopelle (a dentist in Denver, Colorado) tries to whiten teeth using a banana peel. After two weeks running the teeth whitening method with banana skin on his teeth. What happened?

Apparently, his tooth color looked the same as when he started applying these tips. So, does my friend still want to run this method? It’s up to my friend. This is just one opinion from the dentist, it may be from different ways of applying it. Because many also recognize if the banana skin can whiten teeth naturally.

In order for this treatment the maximum, diligent brushing your teeth every day. How to whiten teeth with a banana peel is not overnight. Do this treatment at least 3 times a week for 3 to 4 months. Good luck and hopefully these tips helpful.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide and side effects

How to whiten teeth quickly I will explain this time comes from several sources such as the internet, quick but not overnight. Yellow teeth often cause someone to feel shame and difficult to get along. Whiten teeth which we’ll describe today is to use hydrogen.

Yellow teeth also indicates that the teeth is unhealthy and can damage the health of the body such as the mouth and gums. Therefore if you are one of many people who experience health problems in your teeth must read this article whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide.

Natural tooth color will be darker in line with age. Other factors can also cause yellow teeth, such as chromogenic materials in coffee and tea, nerve damage due to accidents, smoking and certain antibiotics.

In whiten teeth known as bleaching. You can whiten your teeth using natural materials are widely known but not instant. If you want to get the maximum results also should be done routinely.

How to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide

Most dentists will offer teeth whitening for patients. For a cheaper solution, while you can whiten teeth at home using hydrogen peroxide to obtain similar results. You can purchase teeth whitening hydrogen peroxide 3% are sold freely in pharmacies. Whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide 3% has been recognized as safe practices by the American Dental Association.

Pour about 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of the antiseptic liquid into your mouth and gargle for about 1 minute. This liquid will begin frothing, this is a sign that the hydrogen peroxide works. Hydrogen peroxide combined with oral bacteria which causes the formation of bubbles in your mouth. Remove and rinse your mouth with water. Then brush your teeth as usual.

The side effects from the use of hydrogen peroxide

Dr Bruce A Matis, who conducted research on teeth whitening, stating that the maximum levels of hydrogen peroxide are safe for use by patients at home areĀ  H2O2 10 percent. And the American Dental Association, a body that also monitors the dental materials circulating in the US, approved the levels of the safe and effective.

So far there has been no special effects from the use of hydrogen peroxide in excess. To my knowledge there are no side effects of hydrogen peroxide. Do not swallow hydrogen peroxide. If you swallow hydrogen peroxide, see your doctor. Do not use too much hydrogen peroxide because it can damage tooth enamel.

The use of tooth whitening should be done by a dentist who know the side effects of the material in question and take precautions against adverse effects which would arise and treat the sensitivity that occurs after the use of tooth whitening ingredients.

Teeth whitening can be done in the field of dentistry. Bleaching may include two things, first that eliminates color extrinsic, the colors that stick on the surface of the tooth. It usually occurs due to adhesion of color food or beverage that leaves brownish tar on the teeth, which occurs gradually in the long term.

While the second is the intrinsic color, experiencing tooth discoloration or color change that occurs during the formation of the tooth structure. An example is a grayish color of tooth affected antibiotics, occur in children under the age of 8 years or during his mother’s womb.

Keep in mind that not all patients can be done teeth whitening. Patients who have cavities were almost to the nerves and blood vessels, dental hypersensitivity, and dental fillings are damaged, repair and maintenance must be done prior to dental conditions improve.

Frequency of action teeth whitening on Dental Clinic should not be too frequent and within adjacent. We recommend that you do a back tooth whitening, after the color of your teeth turn back yellow. The average time of tooth color after bleaching is one year, depending on eating habits, drinking and smoking every patient.

Most people prefer to whiten teeth at home than have to go to a dental clinic. You can try the method using hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth at home, but you should perform in accordance with the recommendations safe. Whiten teeth is not instant, but if underway on a regular basis then the result is also the maximum.

How to whiten teeth naturally from yellow using miswak

How to whiten teeth naturally from yellow? Why teeth become yellow? Basically everyone has white teeth, but the color of the teeth can be changed due to many factors. Discoloration of the teeth become yellow due to lack of maintenance.

How to whiten teeth overnight from yellow may only be performed in the clinic but at a cost that is not cheap. Color teeth look white in biology is the color of the transparent layer of tooth enamel, dentin layer color in it as well as the color of the layer that sits between the enamel and dentin.

Research shows that tooth color could be changed due to stains that can come from outside or from within. Here are the factors that cause teeth to yellow both extrinsic (external factor) and intrinsic (internal factor).

Although difficult to avoid yellow teeth, still no way to restore the white color of natural teeth. Many people who spend money to whiten teeth quickly in health and beauty clinic. One of the natural ingredients to whiten teeth naturally is to use Miswak.

How to whiten teeth naturally using miswak

Siwak or miswak we know to clean the teeth. Miswak is actually a tree limb or part of Siwak. Siwak has long been used as a natural ingredient for maintaining the cleanliness and natural white color of the teeth.

  1. Use Miswak which has a soft texture, Miswak can be obtained from the stems or roots of plants Miswak
  2. Puree a Miswak until they become powder
  3. Mix the miswak powder with a little water and rub the paste on the teeth
  4. Clean or gargle after five minutes
  5. This treatment can be carried out twice a week to get maximum results.

How to prevent yellow teeth

  1. Brushing teeth regularly
  2. Using a drinking straw when drinking coffee
  3. Drinking milk

1. Lazy to brush teeth is one of the factors extrinsic cause teeth to yellow. If you want to have healthy teeth, white and sparkling so diligent brushing teeth at least twice a day after meals, especially before bed. Not only prevents yellow teeth, the toothbrush can also whiten teeth.

Brushing teeth is not only clean the mouth of bacteria and food waste, but also can help restore the natural color of teeth. Today many products that contain whitening toothpastes on the market, we just choose which toothpaste is suitable and we can use every day.

2. Drinking straw can be used to prevent direct contact with beverages such as color and temperature of the drink. Use a drinking straw when drinking coffee, tea or other drinks that can affect the color of teeth.

This is to prevent direct exposure to the substances contained in the drink with enamel on the teeth. The dye contained in coffee and tea can settle on the teeth and over time cause stains on tooth enamel. Stain will make the teeth become yellow if left unchecked.

3. Consuming dairy products, especially milk sterile without additional flavors and colorings can help keep teeth white and prevent the teeth become yellow. The natural color of white milk and calcium therein is not only to make our teeth become strong and healthy, but make it white.

The dye in the milk can remove the stain attached to tooth enamel and restore the natural color of teeth. Choose pure milk products without added sugar or other addictive substances and consume at least twice a day.

Drinking milk is delicious but keep in mind also that the temperature of the drink can affect the color and damage the enamel on the teeth. Therefore, you should consume milk in a state not too hot and not too cold.

Natural ingredients that can be used to whiten teeth is not just miswak. There are still many other natural ingredients such as whiten teeth using baking soda, lemon and others. Try one of the few ways to whiten teeth naturally at home regularly to obtain maximum results.

How to whiten teeth without baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

How to whitening teeth naturally at home? Whiten teeth without baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Whiten teeth fast using home remedy that are easily available at home. Due to the use of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide have side effects.

Teeth become one of the important organs in the human body that has powerful functions as digesting food. If not treated properly, for example rarely brushed their teeth, while the teeth every day used to chew food. It would be problematic to the teeth.

What is the result if rarely dental care? Issues that arise include yellow teeth, tartar even if rarely treated teeth can decay and damage. If the damage is not severe enough, of the tooth will easily repaired. But if the already severe, so handling could be longer even your teeth at risk repealed and affect the health of other organs.

Teeth become yellow is a phenomenon that is still relatively dental problems are not severe. However, if this situation is left unchecked, the teeth may experience more severe damage such as cavities. If yellow teeth will be more conspicuous and does not seem clean. Therefore, routine dental care you have to do.

Dental care to prevent yellow teeth and maintain dental health usually by brushing regularly after meals and before bedtime. However, if your teeth already yellow can also use natural ingredients to whiten teeth. Fast or slow whiten teeth in a natural way depends on how it is used.

How to whiten teeth naturally

This is the way to whiten teeth naturally without baking soda. The material is made from fruit. Dental care by using fruit, here are some fruit that you can use.

  • Strawberries
  • Banana peel
  • Bay leaf
  • Orange peel

Strawberries are one type of fruit that tastes good and can be useful for whiten teeth. How to use that rub juice strawberries on your teeth every day so the whitening effect of strawberries whiten your teeth. Pay attention! after doing it this way, you need to brush teeth clean to eliminate calories on teeth.

Bay leaves can be used as a tooth whitener. How to use it is also very easy that is by smoothing bay leaves. Then you can mix the dried orange peel and has been smooth. Use a little water and mix until the pasta, then you can use it as teeth whitening.

Orange peel is one of the natural ingredients that can be useful to whiten teeth. You can use the white side or the inside of the orange peel and rub on your teeth several times a day so that your teeth appear whiter. However, because oranges contain vitamin C, the teeth will be sensitive.

The use of natural materials is very helpful in whitening teeth, especially those who frequently consume fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots and foods that have benefits as a tooth cleaner. Also do not forget to keep your dental health by brushing your teeth after meals and before bed to keep your teeth white, clean and healthy.

How to whiten teeth naturally above can be fast or long, but if done correctly and regularly then sooner or later your teeth will be whiter and do not appear flashy yellow again. Once your teeth whiter, perform routine dental care on your teeth to stay healthy, strong and clean.

Food and drinks that cause tooth faded and yellow

How to whitening your teeth naturally by avoiding foods and drinks that cause yellow teeth. Yellow teeth will become permanent if not addressed properly. There are some foods and beverages that cause tooth faded and yellow.

Tea including type healthful drink, but can fade the original color of the teeth. Black tea can stain teeth, even more than coffee. Types of herbal tea and white tea also can erode the outer layer of the tooth or enamel, and stain your teeth.

Food and drinks that cause tooth faded and yellow

Thick sauce with dyes, such as ketchup, tomato sauce and curry can cause stains on teeth. To avoid this, choose the type of brighter colored sauces, like cream sauce. Soon after eating foods with sauces, immediately brushing and rinsing.

Type energy drinks contain high levels of acid that can affect teeth. Types of energy drinks can easily erode tooth enamel and makes teeth stained. Replace energy drinks to drink water during exercise was more effective to treat dehydration.

Fizzy drinks can also make teeth yellow. Additional artificial coloring and high acid levels can lead to stained teeth and can erode tooth enamel. Solid candy, chewing gum and lollipop can change the color of the surface of the tongue and can also stain teeth if consumed too frequently.

To keep the color of natural teeth survive, you need to maintain dental hygiene with regular brushing and rinsing. You do not need to stop eating fruits and berries that contain high levels of antioxidants, but balanced with other options such as eating cauliflower, apples, grapes and melon.

In addition, to prevent stains on teeth and discoloration of natural teeth, suck drinks that contain high levels of acid with a straw. Thus the liquid will be directly ingested and not on the teeth.

Do not hold food for too long in the mouth and immediately swallowed after chewing and soften food with teeth. After eating or drinking, gargle with water. Wait for an hour after gargle then brush your teeth.

If it is less than an hour, a toothbrush can erode tooth enamel. If you are out of the house and could not immediately brush your teeth, chew sugarless gum and without additional coloring immediately after eating.

Tricks to clean tartar using tamarind seeds

How to clean tartar using tamarind seeds? Tartar is a dental problem that arises due to leftovers that are too long lags in between the teeth. Tartar is actually made of bacteria that hardens and then cling to the roots of the teeth. And the bacteria can arise due to the rest of the food was not immediately cleared.

If the tartar is not immediately cleaned up then the tartar will remain on the sidelines of the teeth and cause gum disease. And if the gum disease is severe then later the pain will arise and consequently will disturb your comfort, especially at mealtime.

Tricks to clean tartar using tamarind seeds

How to clean tartar is actually easy and does not need to visit a dentist who fear it will cost too expensive. How to clean tartar of which the first is diligently cleaning the teeth twice a day. Brushing teeth regularly and diligently so that leftovers are not attached.

Second, tartar cleaning can also be done by using foodstuffs. By diligently consume apples can also help take care of your teeth to avoid the tartar. But when eating an apple, you should eat along with apple skins were previously washed beforehand. Other natural ingredients that can be used are cloves. This clove finely ground before finally apply to the teeth.

How to clean tartar fourth is still using natural ingredients that tamarind seeds. Tamarind seeds can help overcome the tartar that is in between the teeth. By way of slowly eroding little by little tartar growing.

The fifth way is in addition to brushing teeth, gargle with mouthwash in order to prevent further growth of tartar. Tartar can also be prevented in this way by always flossing after eating so not much food left on the teeth.

And is also equipped with cleaning teeth by brushing teeth regularly twice a day. If you experience this, the above tips can you make reference to cleanse your tartar.

Tooth discoloration can be treated with whitening treatments (dental bleaching). This treatment is generally done by using chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. Chemicals used in dental bleaching procedures it can cause side effects, among which teeth become sensitive and irritated gums.

Therefore a lot of research trying to find natural materials as an alternative. Strawberry fruit is touted as one of the natural ways that can make your teeth whiter. From research published recently revealed that the star fruit also has the potential to be used as teeth whitening.

This method can be whitening teeth within 15 minutes?

Looking for another way to whiten your teeth besides brushing teeth. Do you consider that the white teeth can make the appearance look more beautiful, handsome, or cool? If that looks yellow interfere with performance? Indeed, one of fashion is the smile of white teeth. If indeed it is very urgent to get maximum results and your teeth never white. Now you should be looking for an easy way to get those results.

Yellow teeth are often the cause of someone insecure and difficult to get along, in addition to the yellow teeth also indicates that the teeth is unhealthy and can damage the health of the body such as the mouth and gums. Some easy ways to whiten your teeth. Perfect results in a very short time span can be obtained simply by using natural ingredients and is safe for you.

Tips on How to Whitening Yellow Teeth Naturally

Banana peel: As you know, a banana has many benefits for the body. However, did you know that the banana peel is useful for your teeth? Banana peel can be a quick way to whiten teeth. Rub the skin of bananas to the teeth for 2 minutes and various minerals in it will nourish your beautiful smile.

Strawberry: The content of malic acid in red fruit can help whiten your teeth naturally. Thing to do is to destroy strawberries and add half a teaspoon of baking soda. Apply the paste gently on the teeth with a toothbrush or your finger. Let stand for about 10 minutes and rinse. You will see the difference.

Lemon / orange with Salt: Natural acid contained in lemon or orange. Additional baking soda in one teaspoon of lemon juice to form a paste. Using this paste is useful to whiten teeth. This way you can do to naturally whiten teeth at home.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil it can act as a useful mouthwash for teeth whitening. Take one teaspoon of coconut oil are edible. Rub into your gear and let stand for about an hour. Rinse your mouth and brush as usual.

How to whiten teeth naturally and quickly which we explain this time comes from several sources such as the internet and from my own experience.

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home Naturally

How to whitening your teeth at home naturally? Having naturally white spot is a great way to show off your beautiful smile without hesitation, especially in various social settings. However, your teeth may be stained with yellowish layer, brownish spots and even dark stains in between the teeth. For some, brushing teeth every day at home is enough. For others, their teeth problems may be so bad that even brushing teeth is not enough. They must go to the doctor to have their teeth cleaned which can be expensive. How can you get white teeth without having to go to the doctor?

Natural Methods to Clean Teeth at Home

To eliminate problems such as yellow layer and dark stains without going to the doctor, many people buy teeth whitening home kit, a set of special tool you can use to whiten the teeth in addition to brushing teeth regularly. However, while many of these kits are actually good, there are also low quality kits that may have lower prices, but they bring some side effects such as abrasive effects that make your teeth enamel falls off after a while. In the end, this will do your teeth more harm than good.

Whiten Your Teeth at Home Naturally

The best way is to clean your teeth and whiten them naturally, using ingredients that you actually can find at home, but with fewer consequences than if you buy teeth whitening kit with questionable efficiency and quality. Here are some great ways to whiten your teeth at home naturally:

  • Using strawberries. Not only fresh and delicious, strawberries are actually often suggested as natural teeth whitening ingredients. This is because strawberry is naturally acidic and has mild abrasive function, which can work great against yellowish layer and stain on your teeth. You can cut a strawberry in half and rub the pulp for 2-3 minutes, before rinsing as usual. It is safe to use every day and also great in taste!
  • Using lemon. Besides its natural acidic nature, lemon has bleaching effect that you can use to whiten the teeth and remove those small red spots or dark stain. Add some salt if you want to remove visible plaque. Simply add a pinch of salt to a small bowl of fresh lemon juice and rub them onto your teeth using toothbrush. Rinse immediately so you will not ruin your teeth by lemon’s acidity.
  • Whiten your teeth using baking soda. This is a traditional method to whiten teeth. Simply mix baking soda into water and brush your teeth with it, then rinse thoroughly. Brush your teeth again with regular toothpaste to clean all traces of baking soda. You can provide two toothbrushes for this purpose. Add some apple cider vinegar into the mixture if you have plaque problem.

Besides using these simple methods, you can improve your teeth by doing healthy habits to keep your teeth white and healthy. Drink plenty of water and at least rinse your mouth if you have no time to brush after eating. Cut your coffee or tea for a while during your teeth whitening period and stop your smoking and drinking habits.